Date Your Spouse

  • date without leaving your house
    Date Your Spouse

    #dateyourspouse without leaving your house

    If you’re married with kids, like I am, #dateyourspouse comes with its own set of challenges. I mean, for starters, who has the time to do these things? Secondly, after the many post-salary debit orders, we’re looking at each other like, are we really going to spend more money on taking each other out to a fancy dinner when we can eat at home? But more than that, most nights we’re just tired, man! Like, even right now, I’m tired. And honestly, sometimes just the thought of getting all dolled up to see each other in a different building, is tiring. Yes, I know, this is simply the spreadsheet brain…

  • Date Your Spouse

    #dateyourspouse at Isango Gate Boutique Hotel

    My Hubstopher is a man of great adventure, always willing to try anything. So, for our October date night, I surprised him with his first ever spa experience! I mean, even though the guy doesn’t like to be touched (by people other than his beautiful wife, cough), he seriously needed to unwind. So I booked a Couples Bliss package at Isango Gate Boutique Hotel and knew that I had struck gold! (Plus, it helped that it was his birthday.. because I could call him old, if he didn’t want to do it.) The Couples Bliss package at Isango Gate Spa comprises of a 90 minute treatment package that will leave…