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Come get your pack of new Pampers Premium Care nappies! {Giveaway}


So if you guys recall, Curly and I did a mini-experiment on the newest Pampers Premium Care nappies and made a video to show off our star-like qualities and also how amazing these nappies actually are. Curly has always been a Pamper’s babe, so we were pretty keen to check these out.

The video shows how the new nappy’s super absorbent channels slurp liquid up like it’s nobodies business and how the gel inside locks it away from your babes bum-bums. We also demonstrated how the wetness indicator works (like tha bomb dot com) and how silky soft the actual inside of the nappy is. Check it out below (Also, I’ve always wanted to be a KTV presenter. Can you tell?)

I got a chance to put this nappy to the test again, this past weekend, with my Curly as the human guinea pig. I found that the nappy contained the moisture excellently, so it could stay on for longer. I also liked the way that it fit my girl… comfort is a big deal when it comes to baby’s sensitive bottom area. And saggy nappies are a big NO NO! All in all, twas a good experience.

But guess what! Pampers is giving away 5 packs of new Pamper’s Premium Care nappies, to 5 #myspreadsheetbrain readers, for you to check it out for yourself. How’s that for confidence? 🙂

To enter the giveaway, follow the prompts below. Good luck!
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