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Aack! We’re having a baby!

We’re having a baby! That’s right! Hubstopher and I will officially be parenting a collective of 4 children, as of next year June-ish. AAACK! How did that happen?! Well, I’m sure you all know how it ‘happened’. *awkward silence*

Anyways, we are pretty stoked even though we were only planning to upgrade to Kids V4.0 in another year or 2. But hey, if this is when our last peanut is meant to pop, then so be it! Our awesome news was met with a lot of ecstatic confusion as people tried to make sense of “another one? but why?” Not that we would ever care to explain our choices in offspring production to anyone. But our hearts desire to have another little William’s was a big deal to us BECAUSE of the other kids.having a baby

Okay, you remember how I shared that hubby and I both had a son each, from prior relationships? And how that was simply the best answered prayer in the world, because I never imagined that my (then) only child would ever grow up to have a brother close in age to him? Well it was a pretty big deal to me. And when I see how well the boys get along (or DON’T get along… like brothers do sometimes) it just makes me so thankful that God’s plan is bigger than ours! Anyways, 2 months after our wedding (in 2014), I found out that  I was pregnant. We were both overjoyed to be parents to our very first daughter… a child of our own. One that we didn’t have to “share” with another parent/family.

usFrom the minute our Curly was born we knew that we would want to do it again. We wanted to experience the joy of bringing another little life, made of parts of both of us, into this world again. I mean, mere months after her birth, Hubstopher would jokingly say “its time for number 2” (which was always met with exclamations of shock and horror as I tried to throw a breastfeeding pillow at his head). But as our Curly celebrated one giant milestone at a time, I could see how wonderful it would be to be the parents of 2 little siblings. What does that even feel like? I mean, in all our years of parenting we’ve never experienced the  journey of raising 2 of our own together.

And so it became a discussion; something we’d mention as we passed baby stores or when Curly showed signs of being a “big girl” (way to quickly for my heart to handle). In September I started a new job so we thought to put it off for another 2 years… which seemed like a long time if you’re nearing 40. Okay, I’m not NEARING-nearing 40. But I’m not in my 20’s anymore, if you know what I mean. But yes, the plan was to settle in my career, do my thang for atleast 2 years, and then maybe baby number 2 (aka kid number 4) could join us.

That was until I started feeling queasy and all those other signs that makes you just KNOW that something is not the way it usually is. Pee stick test later and ta daaaa! We’re having a baby! I have been a bit apprehensive because of the new career, but that aside, we are super duper excited. My colleagues have been very supportive and my manager is very nonchalant about it. I mean, at the end of the day, it’s a baby. Not a bomb. And they get that.

As the video above shares, Curly knows that there’s a baby in my tummy, and she’s so cute about it! (BTW I don’t know what she’s saying about a burger at 0:18) The boys are debating whether they want another sister (Seth says he has enough sisters now, because his mom has a little girl too) or if they want a baby brother (Kyle’s dad has one of each, so he says he’s good either way).

Anyways, expect A LOT of preggy updates around here… I promise I won’t bore you with it! Heehee!


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