Preggy update: How to look less tired

I checked myself out in the mirror the other morning and man, I looked SO tired! I blame it on the pregnancy but truth be told, looking tired is not just a pregnancy thing. It’s probably not even a mommy thing (although, let’s be honest, we do try to claim it, don’t we). Between juggling work, family and everything else, life can get pretty darn draining. But thanks to Essence and a little bit of make up, you can look less tired and more fabulous in no time. And this is coming from a girl who is NOT a make up expert at all!

My make up collection is not the biggest, but there are so many great beauty products out there that makes applying make up quick and easy! I prefer keeping it light though, especially now that I’m faced with preggy lethargy. You don’t have to pile on the make up to look like a Miss World contestant, if you know what I mean. Unless that’s your thing. But if you just want a basic day look (or like me, if you just want to look less tired), here’s what I’ve been trying out:face6

1. Essence Stay All Day 16 Hour long lasting make up in Soft Nude (20)
2. Essence Light Up Your Face Luminizer palette, Ready Set Glow (10)
3. Essence Contouring eyeshadow set, Mauve Meets Marshmallows (01)
4. Essence Satin touch blush in Satin Coral (10)
5. Essence Long Lasting eye pencil, Black Fever (01)
6. Essence The False Lashes Mascara
7. Essence Matt Matt lipstick Matt 02

It’s been a bit hectic lately because all I do is sleep sleep sleep sleep sleep (yeah, I could hear Rihanna sing that too). Hubstopher has been forgiving though, especially when I fall asleep mid sentence. I must admit I’ve been terrible at attempting to do anything after 8pm and it’s even worse in the morning! I wake up feeling DRAINED and I literally have to pep talk myself to get out of bed! Well, luckily, my face does not have to tell the tale of my lack of energy. This is my (kinda sorta) routine now:how to look less tired

After my face wash and moisturizer, I apply a dollop of the Essence All Day make up to my hand and apply to my face. I know that you could do this with a make up brush, but no experts over here, remember? Once that’s done, I grab the Face Luminizer (I never thought I’d need to luminize my face) and follow the instructions at the back, guiding me on where to apply the different pigments. It does a great job at making your face look instantly bright. I love that all these products go on really smoothly AND more importantly, they last for majority of the day! Like, for real, no jokes!

How to look less tiredI then apply my eyeshadow (I try to keep it toned down) and then the satin touch blush for some color. Next comes the Essence long lasting eye pencil – and people, they’re NOT kidding about the “long lasting” part. I’m a crier – especially now that I am pregnant. So chances of me scrolling through my Facebook timeline while crying at your random posts are pretty strong. With that said, I’ve been so impressed at the longevity of this eye pencil!

I’m also loving the Essence False Lashes mascara. Two sweeps are enough to take your eyes from droopy to banging. No ugly eyepencil/mascara racoon eyes and no smudging! I’m not big on matt lipsticks, because I’m a lipgloss kind of girl, but the Essence Matt Matt lipstick is totally rocking my world at the moment. It goes on easily and again, has a nice longevity. (Even for someone who is ALWAYS eating lately… me, I’m talking about me).

How to look less tiredAnd that’s that! Bobs your uncle! Easy right? What do you guys think? I do look a little less tired and a little more “hey world, whaddup!” right? Would you try any of these products out at home?


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