How to do an easy peasy glitter mani in 10 minutes

Glitter maniIt’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Well, it’s BEEN looking like Christmas. Just ask the malls. But I thought “hey, let’s take this Christmas feeling to my nails!” And in about 10 minutes, I did a super duper easy peasy glitter mani that was so easy to do, I feel like it might not even deserve this blog post. But it does. It definitely does!

As always, I reached for a bunch of colors that my friends over at Essence had sent me. These 3, in particular, stood out of me and I really struggled to pick a fave. Can’t they all be my fave? Gee thanks guys! 🙂

mani4The beautiful grey is called #81 So what? and goes on really smoothly, with killer coverage. This is 2 coats with no top coat. The glossiness is pretty impressive, hey?

The navy blue is called #78 Royal blue and it reminds me of the Essence matte ‘My blue jeans’. This one is NOT a matte though, but the gloss gives it a beautiful finish.

I ended up choosing the pretty mint green #83 Pretty cool life. I love that it’s almost a dirty mint, and not super bright. The paint went on smoothly, with 2 coats doing the trick. Once it was dry, I stared at it for a while… how dare I even attempt to cover up this beauty with nail art! It’s stunning all on it’s own! Don’t you think?! glitter mani

Then I had a brain wave (also, Curly was about to wake up from her nap, so I needed to think quick) and grabbed a bottle of silver glitter polish that I had buried in the deep recesses of my nail polish tool box. I simply dabbed some of the glitter paint onto the bottom ends of my nails, and then used my top coat to fill in the ridges. Once that was dry, I applied another layer of top coat onto the entire nail. And that was that! I mean, really, how much easier do you want it to be?

Merry Christmas friends!


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