Sweaty hands? Iontoderma to the rescue!

IontodermaWho’s ready for summer? That many of you, eh? Well, I concur! I love those long summer days in the sun, dips in the pool and friendly get togethers filled with ice lollies, watermelon and oh wait… sweating. (And the crowd goes “boo”.) Okay, calm down everyone. Yep, warm weather usually brings on excessive sweating. But if you’re one of those people who suffer from excessive perspiring there is an affordable solution for you.

First things first: The correct term for extreme sweating is hyperhidrosis and it’s not an uncommon condition at all! Everyone sweats… I mean, if we didn’t we wouldn’t be alive right now. Did you know that your sweat glands help to regulate your body temperature? I know, pretty kick ass. So there’s a reason for your perspiration (other than to show what an amazing gym workout you’ve just had).

IontodermaBUT if you suffer from excessive sweating and clammy hands and feet, you are totally able to treat the condition. You don’t have to feel as if you’re trapped for life! Iontoderma to the rescue!

Iontoderma’s iontophoresis machine is a simple and affordable solution for people who suffer from extreme sweating of the hands and feet. This machine basically interferes with the sweat glands below the outermost layer of your skin, leaving hands and feet as dry as my sense of humor. Athlete’s foot and smelly feet are quickly combated and confidence restored, after a few sessions with the iontophoresis machine. It has no side effects, requires no surgery and the procedure is painless.

Smelly/sweaty feet, athlete’s foot and clammy hands can be a source of embarrassment for many. The Iontoderma motto is to promote awareness around the issue and to spread a little bit of positivity – you are not alone! If you’d like more information you can email the Iontoderma team at And guess what guys, Iontoderma has offered My Spreadsheet Brain readers a 15% discount. Use the promo code MSB, when checking out, to qualify.

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Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Iontoderma but all written content is my own. I promise. 

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