How much do you spend on your child's birthday party?

How much do you spend on your childs birthday party?

I think it’s ridiculous to spend thousands of rands on a kids birthday party. There I said it. *hides away* Hello? Is it safe to come out now, after dropping that bomb? I know, it’s not a popular thought but guys, the extent that some go through to throw that designer kiddies party is just plain crazy man! Moms, be honest: How much do you spend on your childs birthday party?

Hundreds? Thousands? I mean, it is a bit loopy, don’t you think? Because those thousands could possibly have covered a pretty birthday cake, bought your kid a really legit gift and you’d have cash to spare which you could put away towards their education. The difference is that you would not have had an audience to cater to. You might not have had quirky theme related serviettes or a party pack that would rival the snacks section at Woolworths.

Your “miniscule” celebration might not have had a professional photographer or designer cupcakes included in the budget. Or matchy-matchy decor. It might not have covered the costs of a fancy kiddies venue. But would your kid have enjoyed himself? Yes. Probably.

How much do you spend on your childs birthday partySo why go through the motions of spending a crazy amount of money to host your kids party? Hey, don’t get me wrong, I’ve done it too. And a lot of fun was had by all (except my bank balance, that is.) I guess we do it because we love our little munchkins so much that we will do whatever it takes to ensure they have the BEST memories of their childhood. And hey, if you can afford it, then why not.

But if you can’t… that’s okay too! In fact there are ways to be “extra” on a “basic” budget. Fancy doesn’t have to be expensive. But to be honest, all your kid needs is a couple of balloons strung up in your living room, a cake with candles on it, perhaps a hot dog and some ice cream and a bunch of friends to enjoy it with. Literally that is all it takes. All the other frills and bows are OUR doing, moms! We want those things. Essentially, you’re throwing a kiddies party for yourself, in honor of your kid. There, I said that too. If I had a mic I would drop it.

Like I said, I’m not immune to the “fancy birthday party” disease. I mean, I’m planning Kari’s party as I type this (literally my brain is buzzing with ideas) and her birthday is only in October. And don’t get me wrong, I’m not totally opposed to parties held at venues (because guests would then have to leave after two hours and I don’t have to clean my house, win-win) but I’m also not totally opposed to putting the money towards her college fund.

I know… what you spend your money on is none of my business. I get it. But please, humor me, I would love to hear your thoughts on this. How much money do you budget towards your kids birthday party? What’s the most you’ve spent? Do you have any birthday party budget tips? Please hit me up in the comments section below. But like, don’t physically “hit me up” because of this post. I’m fragile. And I have a birthday party to plan.

Images: All the lovely pics in this post, of Kari’s first birthday cake smash, was taken by the talented Michelle of Cutepix Photography (she made the props by hand too!) Check out more in this post


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