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SnuggleRoo and the benefits of baby carrying {Giveaway!}

My baby doesn’t want to leave me alone. And I say this with all the love in my heart. The kid wants to be in my arms like, 24/7, you guys! It’s kinda draining. I’m not okay.

I eventually realised that I needed help of a baby carrier to literally help lighten the load of carrying a 8kg baby in my arms the whole day. To be honest, the idea of wrapping or tying my newborn to my body didn’t exactly thrill me. I wasn’t 100% convinced that I could comfortably tie my giant child to my body, without, you know, breaking something or hurting my back. I also had these really scary visions of the wrap breaking or untying, and baby dropping to his doom, as I shriek in panic and despair. (I know, sounds like a movie).

But more than that, I thought that baby carrying was detrimental to my baby’s growth.

Anyways, I eventually got my hands on a SnuggleRoo Baby Carrier and found some interesting information in the package. I learnt that baby carrying IS safe and it’s actually great for babies who suffer with reflux, since they should be carried upright, for atleast 20 minutes after every feed. (Did you know this? I didn’t!) Colic babies will also benefit from this since there is a lot less over stimulation and very soothing.

Moving with baby helps to stimulate the brain (another thing I didn’t know) and having baby in chest to chest position protects the C-shaped curvature of baby’s spine.

OT and baby expert, Meg Faure, explains that carrying your baby helps to imitate the movement and hug of the womb. It promotes bonding and trust and reduces stress levels. It is for this very reason that she endorses the SnuggleRoo Baby Carrier!

My first experience with my SnuggleRoo went down well. For starters, it’s easier to put on than I had imagined. In fact, it slips on like a shirt and is easily adjustable for a perfect fit every time. I like that it has an extra support band that you can position over baby’s back and under the nappy. It provides extra support and gives the feel of a snug fit. The support band later converts into a carrier for your baby carrier. How nifty?

And friends, for some reason, my baby falls asleep so quickly when he is in the carrier. I figured that it’s because it mimics the comforting tight hug of the womb.

The SnuggleRoo carrier can be used in various positions, such as forward facing and even in a hip hold. And if you’re a hands-free kinda mom, like I am, then you’ll appreciate that you can get so much done while having baby close to you. This is essential for a busy mom.

Win a SnuggleRoo Baby Carrier!

SnuggleRoo is giving a baby carrier to one lucky reader!

To enter, simply follow the prompts below:
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Giveaway open to SA residents only. Winner announced on 16 December and has 24 hours to claim prize.

This review and giveaway was done in collaboration with SnuggleRoo. Some of the images in this post was taken from the SnuggleRoo website.


  • Portia

    Loving the book as has tutorials on different angle of carrying the baby for desired positioning while hands free for comfort & allowing multi tasking as it durable material & safe while user friendly

  • Cheri Kok

    Wow the book is amazing with all the tutorials – can’t wait to use this with my second as I did not have one with my first

  • Chanè Whiteboy

    I love the fact that the book explains to you the benefits of using the SnuggleRoo carrier, for example : it helps babies with reflux , how it reduces your baby’s stress levels and having baby in chest to chest position protects the C-shaped curvature of baby’s spine.

  • Tazne

    I love the book as it really helped get my momentum back. I had my 2nd child after 9 years and it felt like I didn’t know what I was doing all over again lol but the tutorials were perfect because it showed how to carry and position baby ❤️

  • Toni

    I love thay there are step by step instructions to make sure baby is safely secured. I’ve been eyeing the SnuggleRoo carrier for the longest time. I love that it has the snugness of a wrap but without the difficulty of trying to get a loooong piece of fabric to fit right.

  • simone

    Wow now I really need one of these for my little one on the way with an 2 year old .This books will really make it easier especially for first time moms.

  • Wardah Dee

    Wow, it seems amazing! I cannot believe that I suffered with a colicky AND a clingy baby without knowing all of this! I really wish I could use this for my baby as this book seems so informative and interesting! Thank you for for this wonderful write up! Much appreciated! @wardah_d_20

  • Rebecca Mitchell

    I think the book is a great addition as some of us are first time mom’s and don’t have all the details. So having a guide is always helpful instead of having to do research on your own.

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