A “real baby” for Christmas: BABY Born soft touch doll and bath range

Last year my daughter requested that Santa bring her a baby sister for Christmas. Cough cough. (I’m coughing to divert attention. Did it work?) She reckoned that everyone else (referring to her brothers) has a sister except her.

Lo and behold, I fell pregnant not long thereafter but, as you all know, Asher is NOT a sister. I mean, he IS the cutest noodle in all the land, but he definitely has boy parts and not girl parts, if you know what I mean.

Kari isn’t too cut up about it (I mean, did you read the part about him being the cutest? Totally makes up for it.) But every so now and then I see the gleam in her eye when she spots a baby girl.

So I was super thrilled to be able to make her wishes come true this Christmas. Uhh no, not with a real baby. There shall be no more real babies coming from this real mommy (because this mommy is real tired… haha see what I did there).

I figured that the next best thing, you know, to a REAL baby girl would be a BABY born® baby doll.

No, I haven’t lost my mind. This is the perfect alternative, I promise. Why? Well, because the BABY born® So Soft Touch Girl doll is just like a real baby. (I mean, minus the lack of sleep).

For starters, it is perfect for cuddles thanks to the now extra soft body. The doll boasts these really rad life like functions, which all work without batteries (and the crowd goes yay), making it easy for your kid to play with.

The arms are legs are movable and the body is just right for cuddles and pretend play. The eyes also move and when laid on her back, they shut. I know! (If only my actual baby did this too).

But that’s not all folks! BABY born® can eat special porridge from her own plate (with a spoon nogals) and drinks real water from her bottle.

The doll also cries real tears when she’s sad (you squeeze her upper body) and she really dirty’s her nappies (with the squeeze of her tummy), making those pretend diaper changes even more exciting for your little one.

How legit, right? Come on, even I want one, and I have an actual baby at home who does all of these things in real life!

BABY born® Soft Touch Girl comes with a bodysuit and hat. Includes 1 potty, 1 nappy, 1 plate with spoon, 1 portion of porridge, 1 bottle, 1 dummy with dummy chain, 1 birth certificate and 1 friendship bracelet each for the kid and the doll.

I love that you’re able to pick up really cool accessories, making play even more exciting!

The Baby Born Bath Toothcare Spa is a great example. I mean, who wouldn’t want to encourage your kid to brush their teeth. Dental hygiene is so much fun with the Toothcare Spa.

The set includes a Bruno the Bear BABY born® toothbrush (which makes teeth brushing noises), a cute tooth mug and a patterned towel! I was so impressed to find that the mirror lights can turn on and that you can fill the little sink up with real water from the little tap!

I love the idea of gifting your child with something that promotes learning AND long-lasting fun through play.

And, double score, no more wondering what to get them on birthday’s or when you want to treat your kid. (Hello easy gift ideas!)

BABY born® Soft Touch Girl and Baby Born Bath Toothcare Spa retails for R1200 each and is sold at Hamleys, Takealot and Toyzone.

This post was done in collaboration with Prima Toys and Captive Conversations.

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