Magic 8 Ball

Christmas Gift Idea: The original Magic 8 Ball

Q: What’s better than giving your kid the latest fad toy for Christmas? A: A really cool classic game that we probably played when we were growing up! I mean, I don’t know about you guys, but I kinda enjoy gifting my kids with things that I’ve mastered before. Those novelty toys of yesteryear are the bomb!

The original Magic 8 Ball™ is one such toy… right?! This novelty toy lets anyone pretend-seek advice about their future! And no, it does not work with voodoo… it’s actually for “jokes”… and it can get quit silly. All you have to do is simply “ask the ball” any yes or no question, then wait for your answer to be revealed.

Magic 8 BallTurn the toy upside-down and wait for your answer to appear through the window. Each pack contains 1 Magic 8 Ball novelty toy. It’s a really fun way to replace your dice, on a board game!

Back in my day (look at me pretending to be really old when I’m only semi-old) we would use things like Magic 8 Ball and other such frivolities (paper predictors) to help us determine whether our school crush has a crush on us. (Yes, I too would like to give younger me a hug).
Magic 8 Ball`Since then, I’ve become older and wiser (I’d like to think) and I don’t rely on hocus pocus and “what ifs” to determine my future. Although, come on, that first cup of coffee kinda helps us to decide exactly how great our day is going to be #amIright?
You can grab your Magic 8 Ball from Takealot for only R169.
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