4D Scan: There’s a ballerina in my tummy! {1st Year Birthday Celebrations}

Our curly girly turns 1 on the 31st October, and we’re spinning around in circles, like “huh?! did that just happen?!” For the next few days, sometimes in my blog, but mostly in my head, I will be reminiscing on my glorious pregnant days and all the prep that went into making sure the transition from womb to world was an amazing one.
Thinking back to when I found out I was pregnant and how much I enjoyed my pregnancy made me so nostalgic for that feeling of expectancy and excitement!

One thing I knew I wanted to do (even before I fell pregnant) is a 4D “photo shoot” (aka ultrasound).

At 4 months preggers, my Curly refused to give the ultrasound tech a good flash, so that we could see if she is a boy or a girl. My heart was hoping for a girl but I was okay with a boy too. Although, between you and me, I knew she would be a girl because God showed me a picture of a ballerina one morning while I was praying over her (not knowing the gender yet).A beautiful ballerina princess! I was convinced, but kept it to myself.

I found it quite amusing that God had chosen to show me a picture of a dancer. If you know anything about us, you’d know that we are a musical family. We love music – we sing, play instruments etc. But I would not exactly call us dancers. In fact, I am probably the opposite of a dancer. I don’t do “dance” well. So how amazing that God completed this musical circle by adding a dancer to the mix!

Anyways, so ultrasounds were like precious commodities while I was pregnant. I planned my weeks around them! I loved seeing my baby and hearing it’s heartbeat. Dude, I even dreamt about buying an ultrasound machine and keeping it my living room! Yep – all kindsa crazy, this one 🙂

Curly was quite feisty in womb – she just could not lie still! But with all the movement going on, she still refused to open her legs. My wonderful gynecologist happened to be the same doctor that “caught” my first born many moons ago. So I had the privilege of taking my boy to meet him and sit in the room while we did an ultrasound. He was a bit more impressed with the equipment than the tiny picture of his sister on the screen though. But none the less, it was a moment for me! (Que the emotional tears)

We booked the 4D ultrasound at a place that offered what they call ‘gender ultrasounds’ – which means that they would do the 4D and look specifically to see what the gender of baby is. And if baby is too shy to show then you can go back another time. Sounded legit to me!

I did my part in making sure Curly was active by (gasp!) having a chocolate a half an hour before the ultrasound. I also made sure my bladder was full – but I cant now remember if it was needed or not. But I do remember that I needed to pee quite badly. (Heck, who am I kidding, I needed to pee quite badly all the time when I was pregnant.)

The moment arrived… I lay there, excitedly searching the screen, trying to figure out if I am looking at an elbow or a leg… and then I saw her face! (Que: Bruno Mars) Her beautiful little face, perfectly formed! I could feel tears coming! But I was like, “No, Luchae, keep it together!” And instead, I squealed in delight and said “Awww she looks like MEEEE!” heehehee 🙂

She was there… beautiful and dancing! Arms up, lips pouting, and yep, with little girly parts 😉 our baby was definitely the ballerina princess that God had showed me weeks before! We were over the moon!

We were given about 6 different shots of her 4D scan – all perfect, all beautiful!
My favorite is this one, that shows off her pout, with arms up in the sky, pirouetting for mommy and daddy.
This was one of the most special things that I did during my pregnancy. It made everything just so REAL.
We were going to have a real life baby! A real one!
Woah! My mind was officially blown!

Check out how detailed the 4D scan was compared to real life.
Proof that we did actually get the baby as was advertised on the screen 🙂


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