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Warrior Princess babyshower theme

Warrior Princess babyshowerA couple of weeks ago we (church family and friends) hosted a totally sweet warrior princess babyshower for Tess, a very close friend of mine. We went with that particular theme because, well, that’s what Tess is. She is a bold, brave heart, not afraid to stand up for what she believes in and that’s what she is trusting for her baby girl, Lizzie.

When planning the party, we threw around a bunch of ideas because a babyshower should be as unique as the mommy and the baby we are honoring. We knew that Tess’s favorite color is lilac/purple, so we tried to incorporate that into the overall decor.

The idea of having a warrior tent of sorts totally stuck with us. It later evolved into a gift tent but we had no idea how to make it! Our wonderful party mastermind, Lyda, came to the rescue with a coat hanger. Yes ladies, this is a coat hanger, cleverly disguised with pretty chiffon’s and Chinese lanterns. I quite like the result. Warrior Princess babyshower

We decorated the walls and tables of the venue with pretty diy arrows (see pics below). We also displayed a scripture, found in the book of Psalms, that speaks about our children being like arrows in the hands of a warrior. Warrior Princess babyshower

And now, the food: Little arrows, made with toothpicks, were cleverly perched on top of cupcakes.
Warrior Princess babyshower

And a sweetie table, with containers for popcorn and sweet treats, made our guests oooh and aaaah.Warrior Princess babyshower

DIY Arrows

We made sure to incorporate as much of the theme into the decor. Little things, like these hanging chevron styled arrows really made the decor pop. You could easily diy these yourself by printing a pattern on normal paper, and sellotaping it to a piece of colored string/wool. Making arrows are pretty easy and we used alot of inexpensive, readily available material. Why buy it when you can DIY it!
Warrior Princess babyshowerWarrior Princess babyshower

Warrior Princess babyshower

What do you think about the Warrior Princess babyshower theme?

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