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Purge Party: Upgrade your closet for FREE

Purge PartyI don’t have a thing to wear! I mean, okay, shoes are spilling out of my cupboard and I need more packing space for my extensive scarf collection. But the mantra remains unchanged: I don’t have a thing to wear! Can anyone relate? Well, that’s how Purge Party was born. Purge Party is a nifty concept that will have you swapping out your preloved items for someone else’s. The idea behind the party is to get rid of the clutter to make room for new and hey, in the process, you may pick up a fabulous new look or two!

Hands up if you have a closet full of outfits but nothing fits. Well, that’s my closet. If I’m not saving items for when I’m skinny again, then I’m storing them because they have sentimental value or because I just can’t bare the thought of giving it to a charity shop who may or may not appreciate the value of a boob tube pin stripe dress. (Yes, I really own one. And yep, it’s the size of Ariana Grande’s small toe.) Anyways, so the outfits that are too small encompass half of my cupboard. The rest is a hodge podge of a bunch of things I actually still wear and a bunch of things that are probably great but they feel stale (to me atleast). Oh don’t give me that look Veronica we all have a cupboard full of preloved hand bags and wedding shoes that we’ll probably never use again. Yeah, so that’s me in a nutshell. Needless to say, I needed new clothes. And I needed to free my closet of the outfits that I just don’t wear anymore. And, most importantly, I needed to not spend any money while doing either of these things.

Purge Party: Free your closet
I sent my Purge Party invite out atleast a month before the actual event, to give my lady friends enough time to sufficiently free their closets. In order for this to work, I needed them to be intentional about it! I also made sure to invite ladies of various measurements so that each size is represented. Each person was instructed to free their closets and bring along 10 items that they don’t use/wear anymore. So I’m talking shoes, handbags, clothing, jackets etc. The items had to be clean and in great condition.

Once they arrived and handed in their stash, they received their tokens (a tshirt gets you 1 token, a jacket 2 tokens, for example) and enjoyed some refreshments and chatter. I think my favorite part was setting up the little preloved shop. Guys, for a minute there I started wondering if my calling is to be in retail. Uhhh the standing around for two hours reminded me that nope, that’s a hard no for retail. But I did so enjoy checking out all the pretty clothes and gear as I set up the displays!

Purge PartyAfter a few minutes, the shop was open! My guests had the opportunity to “shop” till they drop, using the tokens they had collected at the door as money. You guys, I walked away with beautiful shoes, a handbag, a coat, a few dresses and tshirts! Things that I would never had bought for myself (because the kids come first… why buy for myself when I can get something for them. I know, it’s a “mom disease”…)

Purge PartyThe best part was seeing these amazing ladies – newly made friends – help each other choose garments. The snippets of convo made my heart so happy! “Oh wow, this looks so good on you” and “you should definitely try that on” – I love when women empower and encourage each other!

At the end of the day, all the clothing not claimed in the “shop” was boxed to hand over to a local charity. All in all a win-win situation in my books! The event was such a huge success that Elle and I have been booked to host another one in March and another in April. Who knows, we could be hosting a Purge Party at a venue near you! (Drop me an email for deets).

Purge PartyWhat do you think? Does the idea of a “Purge Party” make you want to burst out in hysterical laughter? Would you rather not wear someone else’s preloved clothing? Or do you think it’s a brilliant idea? Please leave your comments below.


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