things to do while he's watching UEFA Champions League soccer
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Five things to do while he’s watching UEFA Champions League soccer

I don’t know much about soccer but I’m gathering that the UEFA Champions League is as important as a 7de Laan showdown between Charmaine and her crazy twin sister. I mean, I’m not saying they are dramatic or anything, but the guys in my family get really into it when their teams are playing. Like, really into it. Like, I wish they wouldn’t watch it in my living room into it. But with age comes wisdom, and I’m not as young as I look. So I’ve learnt that when it comes to soccer, I need to give my guys space to watch the game, update their fantasy league and debate about transfer fees while moaning at the ref. What do I do in the meantime? Well, here are my fiveĀ things to do while he’s watching UEFA Champions League soccer:

1. I eat
No, I’m not joking. One of my conditions to a “soccer on a school night” night is that supper must be taken care of by someone other than me. Usually Hubstopher orders take-out. I’m okay with that. The other condition is that the kitchen must be spotless before the soccer watching commences. This is why take-out makes sense.

2. I spend time with myself
My quality time usually revolves soaking in a hot bath and then watching episodes of Grey’s Anatomy and This Is Us, while ugly crying about Kate’s misadventures on my Instagram stories. It’s also a really good time to journal and self-reflect. Alone time is not that bad, you guys.

3. I ask for an IOU
Ladies, this is a clever way to cash in some much needed favors. Pre-book that foot rub girl. The time is now. My IOU requests sometimes involve getting him to promise that he’ll watch Keeping Up with me. He can’t say no because, well, it’s the Champions League, after all.

4. I do disgusting things
You know, things that you’d rather not want to have an audience around for. Like waxing your upper lip or plucking your chin hairs. I also do my nail art experimenting in this time, while donning a face mask and singing along to Tori Kelly.

5. I do stuff that I don’t want to do
I use the alone time to get stuff done that I’ve been procrastinating on. Things like writing that blog post or repacking my closet. It’s also a great time to get your crafting on (If you’re that person. I’m not that person.) I figured if I’m going to be forced into the solitary confinements of my own room, I may as well do things that feel like torture. Kidding! But it does help that no one bugs me for a good few hours.

So there you have it. Soccer isn’t all bad, ladies. And, I mean, if you’re feeling particularly charitable, why not surprise him by rocking up at the soccer watching party (that’s what it’s called…right?) with snacks and a big dose of team spirit. Just make sure you’re rooting for the right team.

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