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Netflorist’s personalised lunchboxes made me geek out

When it comes to giving gifts, I’m the type who loves to make it personal. I mean, fancy expensive gifts are totally amazing, but those low-cost, well thought out ones are pretty spectacular too. There’s nothing more special than knowing that some brain juice went into putting a gift together.

And that’s why I spent like, two hours on Netflorist the other day. I mean, you can pretty much personalise almost anything on the online gifting website! My brain was short circuiting, you guys. There were just so many cool personalised gifting options… I needed to have them all! I mean, I didn’t have any specific reason as to why I was shopping for gifts. But I don’t need one, okay? That’s my story and I’m semi-sticking to it.

Anyways, there I was, innocently minding my own business while cyber window shopping and then I spotted an email from Netflorist in my inbox introducing me to the funky Netflorist personalised lunchboxes. I totally spazzed out, you guys. No seriously, I broke out in manic twitches because, get this, it’s a funky lunchbox AND it can be a cool gift idea AND it’s practical… score! My inner Martha Stewart started break-dancing while beat-boxing all at the same time.

A gazillion ideas popped into my head… I could do SO MUCH with a personalised lunchbox and none of these ideas have anything to do with lunch. Guys, if I had a personalised lunchbox, the world would be my oyster! Here’s what I would do with it:

Netflorist lunchbox These would make for an excellent alternative to a boring ol’ gift bag or wrapping paper. I would totally fill a personalised lunchbox with trinkets and keepsakes, for an extra quirky and thoughtful birthday/Christmas gift idea.

Netflorist lunchbox It would also double as a really cute festive treat box! Moms who put together “night before Christmas” gift boxes, how about filling one of these with all your favorite festive season snacks? Or how about a “Exams Prep Box” filled with energy gummies and snacks that will get your kid through those long study nights?

Netflorist lunchbox My kids would love a personalised lunchbox filled with cool gel markers, felt tip pens and colour in pencils! This would make for a cool “back to school” gift or, hey, if you’re simply looking to make your kid’s day! (Oh and Father’s Day gift idea anyone?)

What you need to know
These personalised Netflorist lunchboxes come in a variety of different designs. You simply pick your design and type in the name of the person that the gift is intended for. I appreciate that it’s a sturdy Addis lunchbox, which means it’s BPA free.

The dimensions of the lunchbox is 20cm x 15cm x 6cm which is perfect for safely and neatly storing lunch and snacks for a typical school day.

Order your personalised lunchbox online from NetFlorist at only R129,95 and have it delivered nationwide.

Okay, real talk, and this is a serious question: what would you put into your personalised lunchbox?

Disclaimer: these lunchboxes were a gift from Netflorist. And yes, I’m legit crazy about them! 

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