tips for loving your mom bod this Summer
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5 tips for loving your mom bod this Summer

Finding the right Summer outfit is a tad bit harder when you are rocking a mom bod, am I right? I mean, we love our mom bods because they remind us that we are powerhouses, but, for the most part, the mom belly makes it a lot more challenging to find clothing that will complement your body post-kids. Superbalist has a few really cute dresses and jumpsuits that I definitely want to buy now! But, first, I need to learn how to dress for my shape. And so I scourged the internet to try to find a couple of tips for loving your mom bod this Summer.

5 tips for loving your mom bod this Summer

Flare vs Drape 

The fit and flare style is the perfect choice if you’re trying to cover that mom belly. A stiffer fabric, like pure cotton, will be a much more flattering option since it doesn’t just drape over your stomach.

Tie at the waist 

I usually wouldn’t even consider accentuating my mummy pooch, but, by wearing a shirt that can tie at the waist you are able to hide those bumps while making a statement.

Its in the detail 

Instead of shying away and opting for plain, loose fitting fabrics, play with color and prints! Darker colors, fine or dainty patterns and colour blocking are the type of details to look out for. Ruching, around the mid section, really help to accentuate curves and draw attention away from the pooch. Buttons down the front and a waist belt is a great way to break up a flat silhouette.

Yes to the Kimono 

Stock up on gorgeous kimono’s to up your Summer looks. Not only are kimono’s flattering for any figure, but they also pair well with just about any type of clothing. Pair a vibrant and colourful kimono with a flattering pair of shorts or an elegant kimono with a summer dress, to show off your personal style.

High waists 

I usually wouldn’t reach for a jumpsuit or a high waisted jeans or pants, because I tend to shy away from anything that puts emphasis on my tummy area. But the truth is that low-rise and mid-rise jeans creates the dreaded mushroom-top bubble effect, because it cuts right in the belly area.

I hope that these tips will help to give you the confidence boost you need this Summer!

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