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I think I understand the difference between potatoe and potato when I go from using Hubstophers MacBook Pro to my 1990s Acer laptop. I feel like I’m playing ‘whose fingers are they anyways?’ It’s like: you scroll up to scroll down (huh?) and right click with 5 fingers versus “oh look there’s a button for it”

You know, I used to be the kinda girl that I would call ‘old fashioned’. And that’s because I liked things that are old fashioned. I believed If it aint broke don’t fix it! With that said, I have had the same Blackberry for the past four years. This thing still works like the bomb dot com! Because of my cleverness and cunning ability to figure things out, I’ve found that the less apps I have on it, the better it works. So I don’t have waiting issues (remember the ghastly wait icon that everyone cursed to the pit of hell?) I don’t have “take my battery out of my phone quickly” problems. But I’m starting to wonder: is it enough? 

I feel a new era dawning.

An era where I want to take photos with my cellphone and not have to find a photo app online that would make my pics look remotely okay. An era where I’d know what people are speaking about when they want to ‘load a filter’ before they ‘post to Insta’. An era where I swipe on my screen when I want to do something on my phone, as opposed to pressing a button. (It looks so cool to swipe. I waaannaaaa swiiipe tooooo) An era where I can also dubsmash and play angry birds and finally download Twitter without it making my cellphone run slower than a Bold and the Beautiful story line.

I’ve decided to give this big screen phone thing a try. I mean, it has some lady who can speak back to you and everything, so that’s a plus. And also, it looks really cool and according to my super smart husband it can do lots of things too. (List of things it can do is yet to be revealed, but I’ll take his word for it based on the fact that I am married to him).

Needless to say, since I am controlled by a spreadsheet brain and all, I will need to do some deeeeep soul searching before I make a purchase. Deeeeep. Like deeeep deeep. Like “Rolling in the deeep” by Adele, deeeep.

I’ll send an update once I find a phone worthy of my lots of moola. Until then, I’ll appreciate my BIS a little bit longer.

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