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Spreadsheet brain for what? Pt. 2

spreadsheet brainToday, I take a metaphorical ‘spreadsheet brain’ breath as my entire life literally goes rushing by me. It is the day for a much needed “wooooosahhhhh” right before #ECMeetUp madness ensues.

Oh, good morning to you too. I did not see you there, amidst all my deep, philosophical thinking. I’m sure you (and me and the entire human race) noticed all the soap box oversharing that had been going on over here recently. (Although if I had to share ALL the latest happenings in my life, we could probably produce an entire season of 7de Laan… ad breaks included).  The past few weeks have been cray cray!

Yep, it’s been somewhat of a circus. I was the monkey. And the clown. And the tight rope walker. And the guy who gets shot out of a canon. But I’m still standing! I love how everything always works out in the end, even when things seem a bit chaotic. Spreadsheet braining can be sooooo overrated sometimes. (Only sometimes).

But while you’re still here, can I share all the weird and wonderful things I’ve learnt the past few weeks? Let’s be real, that was a rhetorical question. Here goes:

Newspaper House, Port Elizabeth So apparently this building is haunted. This is the building that I work in, by the way. The one that I enter and exit all by myself. The one with the scary elevator and long passages. Yes, that one. I think that my co-workers just tell me this to freak me out. It doesn’t help that my imagination is as overactive as a toddler on a sugar high. Incidents thus far = 0.

Lego DuploLego Duplo is legit! My equation? 1 toddler + 1 tired mom + 1 box of lego duplo = oh look, I can write this blog post, in peace. Okay, okay, In PIECES. Who am I kidding? She was preoccupied for a shweeeet 20 minutes though! So yes, Lego Duplo is tooootally legit. I like that it’s age appropriate for my toddler and that there’s more to it than just “put this block on that block”. #creativeplay

Big cupDid I mention the time that I was accosted by a group of crew cut, blazer wearing dudes? It was really random. I mean, there I stand, minding my business (and by “business” I mean “whatsapp”) when I get told that apparently my cup (also known as “that jug”) is so big that surely the water restrictions are being affected by me and my coffee. Oh the hilariousness is just taking me over, right now. *takes a sip*

Singing baby If you’ve read enough blog posts, you’d know that I review music over at Gateway News. I love the paper, it’s vision and that God has placed me under Andre’s supervision. I’ve learnt A LOT. Anyways, after lots of relationship building with various music houses, I was recently invited to sit with one of my favorite Christian bands of all time (They are called Bethel, for those who know) and had to sadly decline because new job and no leave days, oh and the event will take place in Johannesburg. Can you say SUPER DUPER BUMMED?! Great, coz that’s how I feel. I also have the opportunity to attend the Crown Gospel Awards in November, as a VIP guest. Keeping fingers, toes and all my movable bits crossed for that one!

Arise Girlfriends So it’s a yes for the mustache then? And talking about painting, I haven’t done my nails in like, forever! I’ve decided to take a break. Which actually is subliminal for: “I don’t have the time because I’m tired and I don’t know how to stop.” Keep an eye out for new nail art tuts and super cool competitions coming to a spreadsheet brain blog near you, reeeeeeeeeeal soon!

Printing press Last week this guy showed me how a newspaper printing press works! I got to see how an actual newspaper is printed ya’ll! That’s a really big deal to me 🙂 I think that they were more impressed at my impressedness than I was impressed at the actual… press. (That play on words was not planned at all.)

So what’s new on your side of the world?
No, really, scroll down to the comments section and let me know 🙂

In the meantime: It’s #ECMeetUp this Saturday! AAAACK!
*and scene*


  • Venean

    Hey, you called me: in the meantime lol… I’m so sad to be missing the EC blog meet up – not ready to leave klonkie with dad just yet (EBF) but I am gonna start blogging soon. But busy, tired and just all round excited… That’s my update. Oh and I worked in Central too some of the stories are true… And most of places are haunted. No kidding!

    • Luchae

      Yayy!! Cant wait to read your posts… you are going to find yourself having ALOT of stuff to share in this new season 🙂 Thats how I got back into it 2 years ago. BTW I am purposefully ignoring your last sentence.

  • Simone Cameron

    Your writing is so fun and fast….I totally feel like I’m inside a brain that’s going 100 miles a minute when I’m reading your posts. In a good way.

    Haunted….eeek. Elevators scare me more than anything! I’ll walk 18 flights of stairs before I take an elevator…so to still have the prospect of being stuck WITH a ghost…oh hell no. lol.

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