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strawberry jam so easy my teen made it!

Strawyberry Jam

If you frequent these here parts, you’ll know that my boy is an aspiring chef. The kid wants to cook. Who am I to stand in his way? A few weeks ago he attempted to make jam as part of a class assignment (what are they teaching kids at school now a days? I likey, I likey alot) He insisted on making the jam himself, but I had to, of corse, step in. We all know that mom knows it all.

For this easy peasy strawberry jam, all you need is love. Okay, you need more than love. But you have to WANT TO make the jam, and keep a watchful eye on your pot, or else it’ll bomb.

Strawberry jam

The Great Kyle’s Strawberry Jam
Strawberries. 1 punnet gets you like, half a jar.
Lemon juice

Place a side plate into the freezer. Just trust us. We’ll explain more later.
Chop your strawberries up into little pieces.
Place chopped strawberries into small pot, without any water. (The no water part is important). Allow this to cook until the strawberries are a nice gooey consistency.

Strawberry Jam Add sugar. You would want to add a 1/4 cup of sugar for every 1 cup of strawberries.
Once you have that cooking away, add some lemon juice for zest. Let this simmer on medium heat until the consistency looks right. (Sorry that was how we gauged it.

Now, remove your cold plate from the freezer, and plop a bit of your jam on to the plate. If the consistency of the goo is jammy then you’ve got jam! Yay you! If not, that’s okay, use the batch as a lovely icecream topping and try again!

Tip: Before canning your jam, make sure the jar is heated up.

Strawberry Jam

Questions I asked while the master was at work:
1. So why did you choose to make jam?
I didn’t. I wanted to make pickled fish. YOU wanted to make jam.

That is true. I mean, who has time for the smell of pickled fish? And jam was way easier. And way more clever. One day he will see my wise ways and laud me for it.

2. What do you want to tell people about making their own jam?
Don’t make your own jam, just buy mine.

He cracks me up! Happy jam-ming!


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