Find your festive with Aztec inspired Christmas nail art

Aztec inspired Christmas nail artThe other day I broke out one of the newest Essence polishes – #73 More than a feeling – because I was in the mood for some Aztec inspired Christmas nail art. Well, to be honest, I desperately needed to feel Christmasey. With my fast growing baby in my belly, and the extreme exhaustion that goes with it, I really needed to get into that Christmas spirit… and quickly! The new Essence range update is totally legit and #73 is easily one of my favorite additions. This paint is a deep, berry red, and it looks phenomenal on my nails and on my toetsies. Hello, Summer sandals!Aztec inspired Christmas nail art

I wanted to do some Christmas nail art, but honestly, everything that came to mind literally bore me to tears. Also, exhaustion. I then found a really sweet image on a stamping plate that I bought over on Aliexpress. The image, which is basically a collage of triangles, is a bit “illuminati” if you will (yeah, I just went there). But they make for really retro, Aztec inspired Christmas trees! Agree to disagree.

I decked my nails with dollops of the Essence #73 and painted my middle and ring finger with the sweet #35 Engaged. I then used #73 to do a bit of a stampy on those 2 accent nails and ta daaaa!Aztec inspired Christmas nail art

I’m a huge fan of the Essence base and top coat ranges and tried out the Ultra Gloss Nail Shine top coat that they had sent me. This top coat extends the life of your manicure, and gives it a glossy finish. I prefer some of their other top coats, but this one does the job.Aztec inspired Christmas nail art

So what do you think? This ruby red is stunning though! BTW keep your eyes peeled for a very merry Essence Christmas Crazy giveaway come at ya real soon!

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