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Preggy update: Falling down stairs and ripped jeans

ripped jeansWe all know that I am a very calm, unemotional, undramatic person, right? (Humor me) So you can imagine my surprise when I got all emo, after falling down a few stairs at work last week. Yes, baby is okay, and I’m okay too (thanks for asking) albeit a few bumps and bruises on my legs. But if you had asked me how I was on the day of the incident, I might have replied in a wail and a sob. I felt exceptionally sorry for myself and my bruises. And also, my near-new preggy jeans were busted! The only jeans that actually fits me right now, forever scarred by an ugly hole at the knee (See? I fell REALLY hard!). But then I reminded myself: 2017 is for WINNING! So I took my ripped jeans and ripped them some more!

‘Why rip your jeans?!’ I hear you say. Well, distressed jeans seem to be the latest fad. Yes, that’s right, I see you, young millennials, walking around in your torn up clothing. I’ll admit that I sometimes check the prices of those trendy ripped jeans (I mean, really, majority of the material is not there, how expensive can they be?) and I often gasp out loud when I see a few more digits than I had anticipated. But I’m not here to judge. Heck, I think that distressed jeans are totally rad! I just didn’t comprehend that I would be spending time trying to cut holes into my clothing!how to get ripped jeans

As it turns out, if you’re looking to rip up your jeans, there’s a way to do it. One does not simply cut gashes into the fabric (unless that’s the look you’re going for). So put away your scissors Margaret, here’s the right way to getting that distressed/ripped jeans look:

1. While wearing your jeans, pick and mark the spot that you’d like to rip. (Can I ask that you stay away from the butt area, please, for the love of all that is good?!) My spot was pretty much were the rip was on the left leg pipe and a little bit above the knee on the right leg pipe.
2. Then remove the jeans and lay them on to a flat surface, with a cardboard on the inside. This will prevent you from piercing through to the back part of the jeans.
3. Use sandpaper or anything with an abrasive surface to fray the jeans and distress the material. I didn’t use this technique for the type of jean fabric that I have.
4. Once you’ve done this you can use a sharp object to create a hole or loosen the fibers. The key is to not cut straight lines into the jeans because it won’t look very natural. You want your jeans to look as if the natural fibers have worn out over time.
5. Put your fingers into the holes and tear it even further. Remember that most jeans will rip naturally, as you wear them, so you might want to start small.

And that’s that. My preggy jeans are stretchy and made of a different fabric (preggy fabric?) so I had to be a bit more careful with it. But I think that it still came out pretty rad. And hey, regardless, my point here is that the hopeless situation wasn’t as hopeless after all! Doc says that baby is growing beautifully (my huge appetite says she’s right) and that we can expect our little Jonah to arrive early in June! Yay to sleepless nights! No, really, I can’t wait to hold him and smell him and stare at him like a weirdo.

(Thank you to JustEllaBella for being my photographer in this impromptu shoot.)


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