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MyMum: What’s the big deal about muslin?

Jo5I love that there are so many new and exciting products available for our little ones. I mean, if I had to choose between today and having to wash my babe’s nappies in the river, with a rock, I would choose today and all it’s new inventions, hands down. With that said, I was especially pleased to learn about MyMum – a PE based baby and mommy brand – and their wonderful muslin and breastfeed friendly products. I got to try some of it out and we would like to give you the opportunity to do so too! (More on that later.)

MyMum muslin blanketI was introduced to the amazing features of muslin, after trying out the MyMum muslin receiver blanket. In essence, muslin is one of the most purest and gentlest fabrics around town. It is finely-woven, breathable and durable. The MyMum muslin blankets and burp cloths are made of 100% high quality Pakistani cotton, is super absorbent and soft on sensitive skin. MyMum founder, Naomi Ledoux, is especially passionate about this product and about making it available to moms in South Africa. Muslin products are not always available locally and can be quite pricey. I’ve compared MyMum’s prices with that of bigger retailers and found Naomi’s product to be real value for money.

Muslin makes for great baby swaddling material. I tried my hand at swaddling baby Jo – he seemed to find the whole experience particularly amusing – but he did sleep much better after I figured it out! These muslin receivers are also great pram covers and can even double as a tummy time rug. They are super long (104cm x 104cm) and make for the perfect Summer swaddle receiver. I also like that they are not too bulky when you want to add layers, during Winter.MyMum muslin

If you’re semi-old school, like I am, then you would know all about stockpiling those “old school” terry cloth nappies, for baby spills. Well, muslin burp cloths are the new terry cloth, but way cooler. I appreciated that the MyMum muslin burp cloths come in packs of 5 not 2, as you’ll find with other pricier brands. I also love that they are quite big at 48cm x 48cm! I mean, you could reuse this product until the cows come home. (If you had cows, that is). I’ll probably end up using these in the kitchen when Jo is older. In the meantime, I’ve been using mine as a burp cloth, a makeshift bib, and even a quick cover, when breastfeeding.MyMum cover

But hey, when it comes to breastfeeding covers you need to try out the elegant MyMum product. Naomi is extremely passionate about making women feel comfortable about breastfeeding in public (and not necessarily covering up while breastfeeding) and has really considered all of us mums, while designing her chic covers. The cover has a ridged neck, which helps you to have continuous eye contact with your baby. The material is lightweight AND pretty and there are 2 discreet pockets on the inside, to store any breastfeed essentials. The neck strap is adjustable and easy to get over your head. I used mine while pumping on my flight to Cape Town last week. It offered enough privacy without it looking/feeling too bulky. It will definitely come in handy when I begin pumping at work.MyMum cover

Naomi and the MyMum team would like to give one mama a cream swirl breastfeeding cover and a muslin burp cloth 5 pack! To enter, simply follow the 2 prompts below! Winner will be randomly selected by Naomi and announced on July 17 on my Facebook page.

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  • Kim Muller

    Seriously need to get me some of those muslin cloths to use as burp towels. I’m also old school and used towelling nappies, which is what I planned to use this time around too. Bus these sound so much better!

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