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Getting my groove back after having a baby

after having a babyThe female body is a wonderful thing. It has been designed with the remarkable ability to accommodate and grow a whole other person. Once the job is complete, the body knows exactly when to eject the tiny human being (albeit with some effort) and then, after birth, bounces back to it’s former glory (I use the word “former” loosely). Though there may be some notable changes to it, post-birth, your body can largely do everything that it could do before the making of said baby. And yet, after having a baby, you somehow still feel ‘changed’. Even if you look the same as you did before.

Some of us excel in our ‘change’ – lack of sleep aside. For others, it may take a while. You might find yourself wondering how you’ve lost your groove and how the heck you can get it back. This is prevalent in women, such as myself, who are juggling the magic act of Toddler versus Baby versus Sanity. Sigh, okay, I’m sure you’ve picked up that this monologue is all about me and my post-baby life crisis. I wouldn’t call it a life crisis though. More like a very dramatic self-intervention. As in: I am holding an intervention…. for myself… Yes, you can do that. Apparently.

WhatsApp Image 2017-06-27 at 10.17.19 PMAnyways, after going through a very long couple of days of no hair brushing and wearing yoga pants practically every day, I knew that something serious needed to happen. I mean, if not for myself, at least for Hubstopher. So I was especially chuffed when the friendly folks at BHave sent me some of their new shampoo and conditioner. Ahhh! Finally, a reason to wash my hair! (No judgies) The Australian hair brand uses fully bioactive keratin protein to help rebuild damaged hair. My hair needed some serious rebuilding, yo! I was pleased with the result (as was Hubstopher) and could feel a big difference in my post-birth brittle hair. I do think that I need a hair change though. Perhaps a different color or, gasp, length? I would have to pray about it first.

PicMonkey Image2Next, I checked out a few of my fave online stores – it was time to get my Winter shopping on. I’d like to think that my style is very… ahh who am I kidding, I don’t really have a “style” per say. I mean, I would call my current wardrobe shabby-chic meets mom-who-wears-whatever-is-clean. But I really love the dark stockings paired with smocks look. I’m also big on graduating from my season of “pumps, I only wear pumps!”… surely there are other (comfortable) footwear options for moms who aren’t into heels (because have you tried catching a running toddler, while wearing high heels?). I’ve been eyeing Oxford shoes… I love the look… so cute! Who knows, I might just shake things up a bit, this Winter.PicMonkey Image

And lastly, I knew that I needed to get my focus onto something new. So I’ve been playing around with songwriting again. A couple of years ago (and by ‘couple’ I mean ‘hundreds’) I was big on my songwriting game. It was all I did. I focused a lot on writing for artists and producers (I mean, I wasn’t exactly David Foster). But it was a huge passion of mine and I really want to get back into it again. And I shall! Okay, I shall TRY. Give a mom a break over here, would ya?

Anyways, I’m telling you all of this because by saying it “out loud” I kinda create a space for you to hold me accountable to it! Feel free to check up on me in a couple of weeks time to ask why I still haven’t done anything to my hair. I won’t burst into tears, I promise.

So, what’s new with you?


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