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Little Lumps baby dungarees made me do it

Little Lumps baby dungarees

Nothing makes me go all mushy more than a cute baby in a little dungaree set. I mean, can you even wrap your brain around the sheer adorableness of chubby thighs in tiny shorts? Exactly. I didn’t think so. Hold that thought ladies, and guard your ovaries, as I gift you with pictures of my smallest child wearing Little Lumps baby dungarees:Little Lumps baby dungarees

Little Lumps baby dungareesThese 100% cotton dungarees are super comfortable (I mean, if I could get one in my size, I would totally rock it) and the studded strap fastenings makes for easy wearing.

I was especially pleased with the fit. I mean, Jo is a chunky monkey. I did not expect the 3-6 month set to fit him, and it actually did! It’s always helpful when there is room for growth in your little one’s clothes.Little Lumps baby dungarees

How cute are these?! (Referring to his cheeks and toes. Oh, and the dungaree set.) I know. You totally want to have a baby now too. I get it. I mean, I have a baby and I suddenly want to have a baby. Again. Oh the calamity. Don’t worry, it’s a passing phase, I’m not entirely psychotic.

Anyways, more about the outfit: these dungarees reminded me of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn. I mean, not that I’ve actually met them before. But I love the whimsical, boyish feel of the three pocketed design. There is also a range of basic cotton bibs to choose from, that would totally complement this outfit. Whether you pair it with a white or navy Little Lumps cotton t-shirt (which has a terrific fit, btw), your kid is sure to be the trendiest on the block this Christmas.Little Lumps baby dungarees

Talking about Christmas, if you go “Christmas Crazy” like I do, then you will be pleased to know that Little Lumps offers the most raddest selection of festive season outfits for your little one. I’m a huge fan of these stripey rompers (can you picture my Jo in this, with a Santa Clause hat and Christmas bib?!)

I also really love the striped leggings and “My 1st Christmas” embroidered tshirts. One simply MUST wear Christmas inspired clothing at one’s very first Christmas present opening. MUST.

For more, check out the Little Lumps online boutique.

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