Spurt, helping us bust the toddler boredom this summer

SpurtI love summer, you guys! And I love that I can get my littlest ones involved in the summer fun too! Kari, in particular, is only now understanding the full glory of the summer sun, summer foods and activities and days by the pool. Man, I’m in my element! I was so super chuffed when Spurt sent us some of their swimming apparel to try out. I mean, how perfect is this, right?! Spurt is the leading suppliers of swimming apparel in South Africa. The brand is loved for its innovative patterns and colours and comfortable fit, with an extensive range of accessories and swimming aids for beginners and athletes.

I know that you’re looking for fun things to do with your toddler this summer. I mean, who isn’t?  With dwindling attention spans and the need to be kept entertained 24/7, keeping my little one busy is a challenge, yo. I found a few really cool ideas on the interweb:

Homemade slip and slide
Grab some plastic sheets, liquid dishwasher or bubble bath and water, to create your own slip and slide! Have your kids take turns slipping down the make shift slide, and give them points for the most imaginative slide poses.

Fun in the pool
Baloons filled with water, and water guns, take your pool fun to the next level. We’ve always enjoyed playing little games in the pool and we’ve found that our kids especially enjoy when we do a pool “treasure hunt”. Simply throw a few soft, plastic toys, into the pool and have them search for it.

Ball games
Come on friends, you know you were exceptionally skilled at playing ball games, when you were a little tike. I especially remember games like dodge ball or four square (like a four-man tennis match). Your kids won’t know these, because they don’t make em on XBox. I know, right, how old are we?!

Eat and play… and eat
How about having ice cream decorating competitions? Or smoothie making contests? Pizza making or waffle/pan cake decorating also guarantees hours of fun (and full bellies). Take pics, and get family members, who live far away, to be the judges.

Concert night
Create a fun, concert experience, in the comfort of your own back yard. Build a make shift stage, using scarfs and back drops, and have your kids (and their friends) put on a show for the adults. Don’t forget your video camera. This is what memories are made of!

If all else fails, throw them in the pool! Make sure they are well hydrated, slathered in sun screen, and that they have their Spurt head gear, goggles, and nose guards on. Just in case. Need some help with that? Check out the Spurt website, for more on their swimming aids and accessories.

Want to win with Spurt? Sure you do! To enter, simply comment below, letting me know how old your little one is and what you’re getting up to this summer. Winner announced on my Facebook page next Friday, January 5th.

Update: The winner is Janine Augustus! 


  • Carolyn Augustus

    My baby girl , Blake, is 4 years old. We’ll be doing a whole lot of swimming and exploring the great outdoors.

  • Janine Scheuble

    Hey Luchae.. my boy is about to turn 3 in Jan 2018. He simply loooves the sea water but his eyes react so badly to it…so im about to try out some goggles. As i am working our holiday wil only officially begin this saturday. So it wil be beach beach beach every day…Oh! Have a great festive season and new year!!

  • Janine

    My niece, Zahra is 5 years old. We are spending our holidays soaking up the sun at PE’s beautiful blue flag beaches. She loves the water but does not like fixing up (washing & detangling ), her curly hair afterwards. Winning the Spurt swimming apparel for her, will make beach days way more happier

  • Carmen

    My son is 4 and if he could he would go to the beach or swimming pool everyday of his holiday!!! Since he has learnt how to swim a bit it’s literally allllll he wants to do!!! Would really love to win these cool spurt gear.

  • Janice Cunningham

    Hi, my son is 3years of age, and we are swimming and exploring the outdoors modt of the days. Whether its sunny or just a bit cloudy. We not really bothered by the weather

  • rehana seedat

    My daughter is 6 years old. We have been spending the holidays going to the beach, enjoy picnics in the park. …. For my family it is time for an
    adventure/ time to relax. Time for coo ee, ice cream and frozen yogurt, night walks after the sun goes down, flip flops and bare feet, sun rises and sun sets, afternoon naps, watermelon and strawberries and blueberries, tank tops, sun dresses.. This summer it’s time for swimming, outdoor
    concerts, beach chairs, iced coffee, sand our my toes, 8pm runs, and
    big sunglasses! There’s nothing
    quite like summertime foods to remind us of how great summer is. There are
    certain things we love to eat during the summer that I rarely have any other
    time of the year — watermelon, corn on the cob, and fruit salad being three of
    my favourite. Life’s too short not to enjoy the beautiful season of summer.
    Hard as it might be to step away from my desk, I’m going to take a day or two
    off this summer to just relax and enjoy the season and spend quality time with the kids

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