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International Women’s Day, for what?


So apparently today is International Womens’ Day and I’m just out here wondering when someone is going to bring me gifts and money to thank me for being a woman. No one then? Okay, so what’s the point of this day?! And more importantly, besides for the Mother’s Days and Women’s Days of the world, do you as a female human being feel as if you’re being celebrated every OTHER day of the year?

Don’t get me wrong, I totally love that the world at large will be taking a moment to ponder the achievements of women throughout history and across nations. I like that us girls did it for ourselves, way back in the 1900’s by striking and protesting due to unfair work conditions and wages. We took this day for ourselves! And that’s totally rockin’.

But I DON’T like that we literally had to burn our underwear to be taken seriously. Now you want to give us a whole day as a pat on the back, and yet you still offer the promotion to John because Sally has ovaries and we all know how a reproductive system affects the quality of work ethic. You want to give us a glorified day to make up for the many other days where you hire attractive female sales sex symbols reps to sell your product and tell breastfeeding mom’s that they need to put their boobs away. You give us a whole day but your maternity benefits suck. You give us a day while our sisters have to watch what they wear and where they walk in case it comes across as too inviting.

myspreadsheetbrain.co.zaAm I angry? Maybe. Am I frustrated? Probably. But I am thankful for change and education and the fact that we are shifting mindsets – albeit slowly but surely.

I love being a girly girl and I love that I get to raise one too. It’s sad that I sometimes feel as if I am coming across as weak and impressionable when I’m being my girliest self. I mean, being girly does not mean that I don’t have clever ideas. I am more powerful than you know, Sir! This girly girl can change the world, yo! And that’s exactly what I plan to teach my very own girly girl.

So this International Women’s Day, may we remember the fight of our sister’s who are victims of verbal and physical abuse, gender discrimination and unfair practices. May we celebrate the fact that we are GIRLS girls, and THATS OKAY! And may we work together to bring about indelible changes that will benefit our daughters and our daughter’s daughters.


  • Leanie

    While I started reading this post I couldn’t help but to smile, since it reminded me that last year I wasn’t in the mood to cook and none of my parents would do cooking. I have to do all the cooking. So I decided to ask my Dad to take us to the local Spur and I would stick. I also gave my Mom a mug with chocolates. He gave my Mom some biltong and my Mom have said look what you Dad gave me! I was like – huh – where’s mine then? My dad thought it was Mothers Day! { I ask one day why my Dad doesn’t do any cooking, because I’ve heard many stories that he can cook, besides braai. His answer – I have a wife and a daughter I don’t need to cook. } Shocking

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