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Newborn checklist: My stripped down list of must-haves

When you’re a bit of a baby aficionado, like I am, you kinda know what’s up when it comes to baby stuff. I mean, the running joke is that my next baby’s entrance into the world will be so easy, that it’ll probably appear wearing a whole outfit, including matching beanie and socks. *insert crickets chirping*

But regardless of how, uhm, experienced you are at child rearing, preparing for a little bebe can seem very daunting especially when you eye those extravagantly long lists on the internet, put together by mothers who are – for lack of a better term – next level extra.

I mean, we’ve all been that “next level extra” mom. Aint nothing wrong with that… I mean, I kinda still am, sometimes. But truth be told, my fellow mamas, you actually need very little for baby’s first few days on earth. In fact, if you compare those (very long) lists with the amount of stuff that are very necessary, you’d be surprised at how minimal your baby list should actually be.

Now the only reason why this topic is coming up on my blog today is because I am tired. (Yes, this is the mantra of my life right now, bail a sister). And because I am tired, I haven’t even attempted to do any baby shopping for baby Williams arrival at the end of August. But, in my defense, I know that I only need these 7 things to get by during those first few weeks:

1. Onesies
I love little baby crawlers and onesies, especially for the first few months, because quite honestly you guys, no one is seeing that outfit underneath swaddle blankets. Snap crotch vests are life (I said that here, remember) and comfy crawlers and onesies are perfect for baby’s transition from womb to world. I stan a cute onesie, over a pair of 0-3 month skinny jeans, any day!

2. Blankets
Talking about blankets, these are obvz a must. Swaddle sets are cool because it helps you to keep baby feeling safe and tucked in. (Remember, that’s what they experienced in the womb too). So a couple of swaddle blankets, some receiving blankets and a larger fleecy one is basically all I’ll get for my baby right now. I am also planning on using my The Gro Company baby sleeping bags, for safer sleep. (I literally aaacked when they sent me some! I’ll tell you all about it soon).

3. Big ticket items
Stuff like your cot, your car seat and your sleep positioner (like this one) is super duper important. I also prefer having a bath seat (like this one), to help me to wash that little body without being a cluts. A good quality baby bag is also a must. Things like a play mat, a feeding chair and a Bumbo seat are great things, but I would probably only aim to get those things later on.

4. Breastfeeding gear
My Medela breast pumps, breast pads and nipple ointments are an absolute MUST! You guys, I switched to Medela, when Jo was born, and my life has never been the same again! (Indulge me as I over-dramatise this moment) Seriously though, Medela was so kind to send me their mini-electric pump and I am planning on getting a Harmony hand pump again, because it works so well for quick pumps. (The pic above was taken in a plane, you guys, I’m a gangsta-pumper).

5. Nappies
Because, duh. Nappies and wet wipes are essential commodities, when you have a newborn. Stocking up on nappies and wipes are definitely a life goal, when you’re expecting a little one. You can totally use cloth nappies too (Simone wrote a very interesting article about it here). I must admit, the idea of cloth diapering, while being a working mom with a 2 year old and a 4 year old, totally overwhelms my spreadsheet brain. And yep, baby will be going to a day mother, so no help at home either. So I’ll probably kick it old school and stick to the Huggies I know and trust. Oh and the more wet wipes the merrier!

6. Bottles and pacifiers
I mean, if you plan to breastfeed, you may not want to invest in these just yet. In fact, besides for Jojo, none of my kids even took to pacifiers. But when it comes to bottles (because let’s face it, even if you exclusively breast feed, you may want to express milk and bottlefeed) I would definitely stick to the Tommee Tippee brand. The Closer To Nature range helped me to combo feed Kari and made the transition from boob to breast a bit easier for my girl. It’s a definite must-have for me. (Oh and duh, if you’re bottle feeding, you would want a top notch bottle cleaner, bottle rack and sterilizer).

7. Toiletries
Top-to-toe wash and baby lotion is probably the only must-have on my toiletries list. I don’t use powders and oils on my little ones, just because I feel that their delicate skin doesn’t really need it. A solid bum cream is a must though – fans of Sudocream, hollar! (I never thought I would be a fan, of like, a bum cream, but here I am wanting to follow it on Instagram).

So that’s my very doable list of baby goodies that I absolutely need to get, like, soon. My spreadsheet brain is also all about that forward thinking, so putting money onto a Baby City (or retailer of choice) gift card every month, during your pregnancy, is a great way to ensure that you have funds to buy those necessary items, once baby is here.

Disclaimer: This post was NOT sponsored by Baby City 🙂


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