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MAGGI Hi Fibre Noodles – worth the hype?

I sometimes wonder if my kids are trying to Leon Schuster me. I mean, one day they love peanut butter sarmies and nothing else, the next day they shun my specially prepared sandwich as if it’s the plague. Come on – there HAS to be a camera hidden away somewhere, right?!

Seriously though, if getting them fed isn’t enough of a chore, one also has to consider WHAT we are feeding them. Nutrition plays a vital role in a child’s development. Proper nutrients keep your children healthy and strong. And regular. (Need I remind you of the Big Constipation Debacle of 2009?)

So I was especially thrilled to discover MAGGI Hi Fibre Noodles. I mean, its our fave two-minute noodles, with like, super powers. AACK! BUT will a change in formula withstand my picky eater’s taste test?

Maggi Hi Fibre NoodlesIn case you didn’t know: MAGGI Noodles contain no artificial colourants and no added preservatives. I usually stock up on the multipacks because it’s such a convenient meal solution for my whole family. I add fresh ingredients (proteins or veggies or both) to make it a wholesome meal when I’m in a rush.

It’s the one to grab when my kids want a snack, and Miss Kari loves it, so I was a bit nervous to try out the new hi fibre variation on her.

Oh, and talking about hi fibre, did you know that a packet of MAGGI Hi Fibre Noodles has the fibre equal to one bowl of oats?! I mean, that’s kinda impressive for noodles, right? It’s made with Sunflower Seed Oil (so, lower saturated fats) and is a great source of Iron.

Maggi Hi Fibre NoodlesAnyways, our verdict:
I was pleasantly surprised to find that preparation is still quick and easy! Simply add your water, pop it into the microwave (or on stove top) and ta da! Delicious noodles, ready to devour!

Miss Kari decided to be the taste tester. After sniffing it out (yes, she actually smelled it) and then proceeding to subtely nibble on a noodle, before chomping down on a mouthful, my precarious little girl finally declared that they are “delicious!” (Her words, not mine). Whew! The relief! So thrilled that I can give her a bowl of hi fibre deliciousness now!

Check out the MAGGI website for a bunch of lekker recipes you can make, for your family, using their noodles.

Disclaimer: This post was part of a sponsored campaign for MAGGI.

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