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Music Monday: Tasha Cobbs – One Place Live {GIVEAWAY!}

Last week I reviewed the breathtaking new offering from Gospel sensation, Tasha Cobbs, on behalf of Gateway News. Besides for being a chart topping recording artist, she is also a Grammy Award winner and walked away with the auspicious Artist of the Year Award at the 2015 GMA Dove Awards, earlier this year.

Gateway News will be giving away a copy of Cobbs latest album, One Thing Live.
Here is a snippet of the review and a link for the competition.
It is a worthy addition to any album collection!

>>> On listening to ‘One Place Live’ this week, I was immediately struck by the authority she carries, as she ministers one word-based song after the other. It’s clear to see that Tasha Cobbs is not here to play around and up her “fame-game”. The album shows an uncaged, dynamic worshipper, crooning and roaring and she leads others into unadulterated worship and admiration for King Jesus. She has shared that the songs on the album stem from a multitude of moments in her personal worship experience. “They are what we call songs of the Lord,” she explained. “I can be leading worship or getting dressed for worship and a song will simply fall on me.”

The album’s first single, ‘Jesus Saves’, is one of the many that God had deposited in her, when she was in a time of need, struggling to overcome depression. “God spoke to me and gave me peace. Not just spiritual salvation; He saved me from the rejection and depression I used to feel,” Cobbs explained. “Jesus can save you from whatever it is you’re being overtaken by. That’s what this song is about.”

I loved the opening track, ‘Immediately,’ which is a Gospel praise song that would do well in a choral setting. This up tempo track speaks about praising Him in the midst of the battle! She so passionately sings: “I lifted my hands/And opened my mouth/Immediately/God worked it out!” I see this song as a war cry – a reminder to praise Him before I see the victory because He has already conquered. 

If you’re looking for a taste of Cobb’s ferocity and passion, then have a listen to ‘Jesus did it’. This song literally made me say ‘Ha!’ a few times! It is a testimony track, where she belts and prophesies about what God is busy doing, has done and is going to do! She ends each stanza off by roaring “Jesus did it!/Oh yes He did!”  You can’t help but to get excited and expectant!

I am enjoying the honest lyric found in this collection of songs. Title track ‘One place’ (featuring Pastor Bertha Cobbs), is prime example, where she sings “I’m here because I wanna be/I’m here because I choose to be/I’m here because I love to be/In Your presence.”  Yes! Nail on the head! It is a sincere, beautifully delivered worship ballad that I am sure will resonate in many hearts. It’s so evident that Miss Cobbs has shared of herself and her personal relationship with the Lord in each song…”<<<

For  your chance to win a copy of this album, check out the entire Gateway News review and scroll to the bottom, for instructions. 

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