Hubstopher’s near death experience

Chris and I

Photo: Nikki Moss Photography

Have I ever told you guys about Hubstopher’s near death experience? We together – officially- for 6 whole years, as of April 6th 2016. This means that 6 years ago he asked me to be his girlfriend. Well, more like, “You know those rumors about us dating… would you like to make it a reality?” or something corny like that. (Yep, he used those lines.) Anyways, thanks to Facebook’s ‘On This Day’ we saw a couple of pretty interesting (some scary) photos and posts we’ve shared through the years and it brought back a particularly special memory, which has become our party trick – you know, the story we share at parties, when everyone’s doing “show and tell”.


Photo: Charlene Rademeyer

Well, one day, a couple of years before we got married (when Hubstopher was still Christopher) he asked me to get all dressed up, because he wanted to take me out. Normally I wouldn’t freak out about a dinner date but the dude specifically told me to “wear heels”. This came as a surprise, and sparked my attention, because he prefers me to wear flats and “be comfortable”. Being the rational, sane, female that I am, an immediate thought crossed my mind: “It’s about to go dowwwwwn! He’s going to propose!! AAAACK!!!”

Now, the thing about knowing when your man is going to propose is that you have remember to be selfless and act as if you were not expecting it 😉 So that’s what I did! Well, I first (OBZ) had to tell my closest friends that homeboy ’bout to put a ring on it (okay, I don’t actually speak like that in real life) and then I got dressed in my recently purchased best, donned a pair of heels, applied make up and spritzed some perfume. I said a thank you to the heavens that my nails had recently been done because hello engagement ring photos. When Chris picked me up, he looked especially dashing and had a twinkle in his eye and I could tell that he appreciated the “extra care” I had put into looking good, that night.

Luchae and Chris (c) Donna vd Watt Photography 047

Photo: Donna vd Watt Photography

We took a long drive and ended up at a really fancy shmancy restaurant. I swear when we got there the doorman looked at us as if he had been waiting for us… It was a set up! He knew something I did not know! Aaack! The waiter showed us to what appeared to be a specially thought out table, in the corner, where a freshly lit candle had aptly been waiting to welcome us. We sit down and I stare across at Chris, wondering how he was going to propose and what I was going to say. The restaurant wasn’t as full, so I knew not to expect a full on, everyone clapping hands, kind of reaction when he went down on his knee. I was prepared for it. But I wasn’t prepared. You know? Like, somewhere inbetween nervous and excited.

Anyways, Chris cooly opens his menu (mine was laying down in front of me) and scans the detail. For someone who usually is an energy ball, he was keeping his composure like an expert. I was super impressed! He then gestured to me, to open my menu. And that’s when it dawned on me… the ring was probably inside the menu!!! AAACK! Hot flushes, cold sweats, goosebumps on goosebumps, freaking out on the inside, keeping my cool on the outside…

He said: “Open your menu, and see what’s inside.”
I replied: “No, no thank you.” Because nerves.
He urged: “Please… open your menu… I want to show you something…”
I responded: “…uhhh… okay… ” I opened the menu, slowly, turning the cover back, to reveal the blank first page. What witchcraft is this? My heart could not take anymore!

He encouraged: “Turn the page, it’s on the other side.”
I replied: “No, I really don’t want to!” I was scared. It was that realization that this could be it! My palms were sweaty and I felt a smile twitching, but I held it back because I knew that he had put a lot of work into this and I wanted him to think that I truely was surprised.

He asked again: “Please, will you check the Menu?”

Right. This could be it! I flipped the first page over, to reveal…..
Nothing. No ring.

I pointed out: “There’s nothing here.” 
He replied: “Scroll down, and see what it says at the bottom. “

And then it dawned on me: The guy had printed a special menu!
He probably had the words WILL YOU MARRY ME, engraved at the bottom! AACK!!!!
I scanned the menu, excitedly, looking for those magic words… and found:

Still nothing. Hmmm…

I said: “There’s still nothing here.” Maybe I missed it?

He replied: “Look! Right at the bottom!….

                                  They sell chicken livers here!”

And that’s how Christopher Williams almost lost his life.

Just joking! But I was pretty peeved off for the rest of the night and I couldnt even tell him why. Needless to say, the ring did not make an appearance that night.

He did, however, propose a while later, on a stage! And this time it really was a surprise! And a big one at that! But you can read more about it here 🙂


Photo: Somebody’s Blackberry

Don’t you just love the female brain? hehehe Happy Friday everyone!


  1. Good story Luchae. As I was reading I was like but did he not propose at a church function? see; I remember things you’ve posted. Lol

    • Hahhaha 🙂 Ahhh thank you for making me feel like Im not a nutjob talking to myself

  2. Lol it was def worth the wait from the pic…. ………… in nexts episode of …. I miss some these bloggs but it def gives u a chuckle in bed at night

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