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#ECMeetUp: It actually happened! (&pics to prove it)

Photo taken by Ranique Roberts (Big Mouth Entertainment)

I’d just like to say that the reason why I had a throat infection the past few days might be because I’ve been “AAACKING” all the way from last week until Saturday afternoon. Why? Well, because we had just about the best #ECMeetUp, in the history of EC meet ups! (Probably, because it was the first one, I hear you say. Details, minor details).

The venue, a totally stunning The Boma PE, made the morning nothing short of magical and we definitely need to take our (metaphorical) hats off to Sarah, Ralph and the team! Everything was WOW! The setting was beautiful, the food was ABCDlicious and the atmosphere was supercharged with excitement and energy!

Pic 1: (left) Megan – By Megan Kelly, Me, Elle – Just Ella Bella, Nadine – Passing The Open Windows.
Pic 2: (left) Cornelia – Yellow Paper Dress, Miriam – New Kid On The Block
Pic 1: (left) Tim – Jinger Jim, Gabriella – Luna Life Magazine
Pic 2: Paula – Penelope&Bella
Pic 1: (left) Ruth – Ruth Abercrombie blog, Gillian – Autism EC
Pic 2: (left) Olerato – Her Style Story, Elle – Just Ella Bella, Me

Our EC Bloggers arrived (all very chirper, might I add) to piping hot coffee/tea and warm smiles. We were all so excited to meet each other – some for the first time, and I think I probably said “Ahh it’s like I KNOW you!” to just about everyone, because, well, blog stalking. I must also give kudos to our EC Bloggers amazing Instagram and Twitter pics (where all of these where lifted)… I mean, who needs a photographer if all your guests are like, super pro photo-takers already? (You should totally check out their Instagram profiles). With that said, Mo from MoFireFly Photography did a sterling job too! (But more of that to come, when we post the official meet up pics later this week).

Collage1Anyways, I digress… So after a brief intro, the Boma team served breakfast canapes which were a selection of mini breakfast bites, such as amazing mini cinnamon roles, smoothies in a jar and bacon shooters (yes, you heard right, such a thing exists!) We were in foodie heaven.


Our speakers pretty much rocked the day, with thought provoking tips and very catchy one liner tidbits, that literally made the crowd go “oooh, ahhh.” We learnt so much and are so thankful to Megan Botha and Dorette de Swardt! For more on what they shared, check out Just Ella Bella‘s post today.

(left) Some of our goodie bag contents (minus the Catrice hamper. Megan, the lucky fish, nabbed that in the lucky draw!)

Breakfast was splendid! It’s called a Boma Breakfast Bake and it filled my tummy up way to quickly for my liking (hello seconds!) Oh and did I mention the goodie bags? They were pretty phenomenal and the brands that linked up with us were super kind and are all really keen to keep working with bloggers from the Eastern Cape. We had our very own Oprah and Gail moment, during the special giveaways (which I totally loved!) and we got to say happy birthday to our host, Sarah Dirsuwei, since it was her birthday the day before.

(left) How amazing is this cupcake bouquet made by Bellocia Bakery in Uitenhage? We surprised Sarah with it, for her birthday. (right) Nadine, Passing the open windows, with a Mother’s Day spoil from Christian Art Media
Pic 1: (left) Anje – Going Somewhere Slowly, Elle – Just Ella Bella, Me
Pic 2: (left) Mo – Mo Firefly Photography, Gabriella – Luna Life Magazine
Pic 1: (left) Natasha – Journey With Mum, Sarah – Chasing The Rainbow and owner of The Boma PE                                                     Pic 2: (left) Claire – Curls in the City, Neal – repping Doing Dae

All in all, it was an amazing day! And so, as I end this blog update off, allow me to introduce you to our delegates, the EC Bloggers:

Anje RautenbachGoing Somewhere Slowly / Vroetel Voete
Claire KivedoCurls in the City **website under construction
Cornelia Le RouxYellow Paper Dress
Davene PrinslooDoing Dae
Eleanor Douglas-MeyersJust Ella Bella
Elgee DaviesLife’s Good
Gabriella GroepeLuna Life Magazine
Gillian McAinshAutism EC
Graham Robberts – Nelson Mandela Bay Tourism
Jonker FourieFirefly Photo Files / Port Elizabeth Daily Photo
Kelly HoggonsVelvet and Vibranium
Luchae WilliamsMy Spreadsheet Brain
Megan Kelly BothaBy Megan Kelly
Miriam MaulanaNew Kid On The Block
Nadine LarterPassing the open windows
Natasha Nathoo JoelJourney with Mum
Odette JohaarO So Inspired
Olerato PharasiHer Style Story
Paula JonesPenelope & Bella
Ranique RobertsBig Mouth Ranique
Ralph DirsuweiChasing The Rainbow
Reuann SmithNelson Mandela Bay Tourism
Ruth AbercrombieRuth Abercrombie
Sarah DirsuweiChasing The Rainbow
Tim HartJinger Jim

This just in: Keep your eyes peeled for more on our goodie bags and a special giveaway tomorrow!


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