Baby’s First Christmas: 5 gifts that are totally legit

Okay, so a serious topic popped up at the dinner table the other night. My kids (mainly the most dramatic one) wanted to know if baby Asher will be receiving a Christmas gift from Father Christmas. They firmly advocated for their baby bro, explaining why our four month old shouldn’t be left off of the Christmas gift list just because he’s still little.

They made fair points, I must admit. And I totally could get the kid a small gift just to, you know, have his name on something under the tree. But then I had a brain fart you guys. (Yeah, flexing Genius Mom muscle).

My brain wave is this: I’m going to give baby Asher a useful gift that will benefit me too. Woohoo! *raises hand for a high five*

Don’t leave me hanging. Do you think this is a brilliant idea, or what?

Well, fortunately for me, my friends over at Chicco and Prima Baby usually have us parents in mind too, when devising all their nifty kids toys and accessories. These are my top five Chicco finds, this festive season and would make totally legit Christmas gifts… uh… for your baby.

1. Chicco First Dreams Mobile 

I didn’t know how much I needed one of these until I installed Asher’s mobile and found myself baby-free for a good while! He was so fascinated by the four removable plushies and, the soothing classical music made bed time that much more calmer. It also has a diffused nightlight and can be attached to wooden and travel cots, as well as co-sleepers.

My boy permanently wants to be in my arms, so it really helped that I am able to lay him in his cot for a tad bit longer, while I see to my other kids. It also gives him something to focus on (other than, you know, crying) when he wakes up and I’m not around. Double score, in my opinion.

2. V-Tech Baby My First Gift Set 

I love the idea of the V-Tech Baby hamper. I mean, it has four really legit tech toys that can serve as entertainment (uhh, aka mom hands-free time) all while helping your kids reach his/her milestones. The boxed set includes a soft hippo teether, a rattle and a cool musical piano that has three light up music buttons, introducing your child to animals, numbers and colours.

3. Chicco Move and Grow Tummy Time Pillow 

A tummy time pillow fascinates me because, to be honest, tummy time makes me nervous. I mean, who else hates laying your baby on a flat service while they strain to lift their heads to find you. There is usually lots of tears and crying involved (baby cries too)… so I’m not a fan, but I know that it IS important for baby’s development. The Move and Grow makes tummy time a bit more pleasant. It’s made of memory foam and has lots of entertaining accessories attached. The book, mirror, textures and colours are designed to keep their developing minds busy and active. I also like that the pillow was made by Boppy – leaders in the nursing pillow market.

4. Disney Baby Mickey and Minnie First Abilities 25CM Plush

What’s better than a cuddly soft toy? A cuddly soft toy that keeps your kid busy for long periods of time, giving you a couple of minutes to enjoy your coffee while it’s hot. Right? These Disney Baby plushies are designed to do just that, friends. It features various activities to keep your baby engaged, while developing those fine motor skills. It’s a great cuddle buddy too!

5. Chicco Move and Grow Happy Hippy Walker 

I love the colourful and interactive Happy Hippy Walker from Chicco. With fun colours and activities designed to stimulate, the walker is a fun way to encourage your child to take their first steps. The walker also serves as an activity station and is perfect for kids aged 9 – 24 months.

Find these toys at selected stores including Babies R Us,,,, selected Kids Emporium stores, Hamleys, Lilliputs and others.

This post was done in collaboration with Prima Toys.

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  • Toni

    Some great ideas. Myself and hubby were also wondering if we should get our 5-month old something but we alao decided on something small. I like the V-Tech My First Gift Set because it has a bit of everything.

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