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How to do newspaper nail art

newspaper nail artMoms, ever find yourself with a few minutes to spare and you’re not sure whether you should wash the dishes, take a nap, or ditch the country? Well, how about spending that hard earned “me time” on some quick and easy nail art! Yep, I said “quick and easy” and “nail art” in the same sentence. It’s totally possible. Well, that’s what I learnt this weekend when I tried out newspaper nail art. It took me all of 15 minutes (if that) and left me with all kinds of “wow, I’m so cool right now” feelings. (more…)

How to do an easy peasy glitter mani in 10 minutes

Glitter maniIt’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Well, it’s BEEN looking like Christmas. Just ask the malls. But I thought “hey, let’s take this Christmas feeling to my nails!” And in about 10 minutes, I did a super duper easy peasy glitter mani that was so easy to do, I feel like it might not even deserve this blog post. But it does. It definitely does! (more…)

How to DIY festive nail art with Essence {And a major giveaway for you!}

Essence giveawaySo it’s a couple of days before Christmas and everyone’s feeling pretty merry ’round about these parts. I decided to get you guys in on the action too with this really easy DIY festive nail art tut. Oh and while you’re at it, you should totally enter the most amazing Essence giveaway the world has ever seen! (I may be exaggerating a tad bit). (more…)

More festive nail art inspired by Christmas and Essence

festive nail art with essenceI’m going to be honest (because It’s my blog and I can if I want to), my brain has morphed into a big ball of mush recently. So much so, that when I thought “ooh festive nail art!” it was immediately replaced with thoughts of “but nap rather” and “does cooked pasta go bad after 3 days?” But festive nail art I must! So I pioneered on, for the sake of the world and my readers and most definitely my atrocious looking nails. Fortunately, Essence was there to help! (more…)

Find your festive with Aztec inspired Christmas nail art

Aztec inspired Christmas nail artThe other day I broke out one of the newest Essence polishes – #73 More than a feeling – because I was in the mood for some Aztec inspired Christmas nail art. Well, to be honest, I desperately needed to feel Christmasey. With my fast growing baby in my belly, and the extreme exhaustion that goes with it, I really needed to get into that Christmas spirit… and quickly! The new Essence range update is totally legit and #73 is easily one of my favorite additions. This paint is a deep, berry red, and it looks phenomenal on my nails and on my toetsies. Hello, Summer sandals! (more…)

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