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Music Monday: Matt Redman – Unbroken Praise {GIVEAWAY!}

Last week I reviewed Matt Redman’s latest offering, Unbroken Praise. I found this album to be mellow on the ear but lyrically “kapow! kapow! kapow!” As part of their Big Christmas Giveaway, Gateway News will be giving away a copy of this top notch singer/songwriters album. Winners anounced next Thursday on their Facebook page. Here is a snippet of the review and instructions on how to enter: 
>>> “Prolific worship leader and singer-songwriter, Matt Redman, released his 9th studio album, Unbroken Praise, in June 2015, much to the delight of fans. Redman, well known for his contribution to the Passion Conference worship team, is somewhat of a worship maverick, not conforming to any particular sound or genre, but rather forging his own niche from album to album. This latest offering confirms just that. The album is neither here nor there, but is still very in season, with songs that are filled with passion and heart.  
In an interview, Redman explained that the album came out of his need to do something different than his last few albums. “I’ve recorded a couple of live album’s in a row now…they’ve both been in Atlanta, but we got talking and we thought it would be nice to do something in my homeland, in England. Then we got talking about where, and the No. 1 place on my list was Abbey Road, and I had no clue whether we could make that happen or not,” Redman explained. “There’s just a fantastic orchestral room there, which by the way you can fit 400 people in there. I was wondering if we could actually do that. Through a series of twists and turns it actually happened. It was a real joy to be in one of the world’s most iconic recording studios having church.”
I found the album really easy to listen to. Redman has the ability to effortlessly take the listener along with him, as he enters into a sweet time with the Lord…”<<<
For  your chance to win a copy of this album, check out the entire Gateway News review and scroll to the bottom, for instructions. 

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