Bath time with Baby Dove

baby doveAs is the tradish, Curly and I did our monthly pamper, this time with the new Baby Dove range. I usually enjoy the banter that goes with it. But much to my dismay, the convo quickly went South – literally – as my 2 (almost 3) year old starting asking questions about our nether regions. I literally sat there thinking, woah this escalated quickly, how can I escape?! BUT I took it like a pro and answered her honestly and as clearly as possible. baby doveHaving just witnessed me giving baby Jo a bath, she gestured to his private parts.
Karis: What is that by baby Donah (baby Jonah)
Long pause – mind racing as I try to sieve through the various nicknames available for the male genitalia.
Me: It’s a penis
Karis: A penist!
Me: A penis
Karis: A penis. What does it do?
Me: Well… boys have penises. Baby Jonah uses it to make a peepee. Do you know what girls have?
Karis: A toenkaloenks!
Me: *thinking that I might as well just go the whole nine yards with this one* Yes, but a girls toenkaloenks name is a vagina. You have a vagina.
Karis: *examines* Magina!
Me: Vagina. And a boys toenkaloenks also has a name. It’s called a penis.
Karis: Penist!
Me: Okay. But your vagina is very special. No one can touch it or play with it.
Karis: It’s special!
Me: And if someone wants to touch it then you must make an angry face and say “NO!”
Karis: NO! *growls*
Me: Good girl

baby doveWell, this is the gist of it. But yeah, we went there. The rest of the conversation revolved around her being a “pwincess” at the “pwincess party” which I have yet to plan! Aack! She loved the size and shape of the new Baby Dove containers and could easily squeeze out some of the Baby Dove Rich Moisture lotion to slather over her pretty little toes.

I love the Rich Moisture range. It is creamy and dreamy in all the right places and the smell (although slightly too pungent for baby Jo) is really amazing. I would (and yes, I actually totally am) use this for myself. I’ve found the range helpful in combating her “dragon skin” as I call it. This excessively dry skin is a result of her thyroid condition and I always struggle to get the skin on her tummy and back to be supple and soft. Baby Dove did the trick. I love using the Sensitive Moisture range on Jojo. It is gentle, hypoallergenic and fragrance free.

baby doveThe new Baby Dove ranges include top to toe wash (it’s really creamy ya’ll… really), lotion, wipes, shampoo and a bunch of other really amazing products in the Rich Moisture range such as a baby bar and even petroleum jelly! Thank you Baby Dove for the spoil! I enjoy having these moments with her – and that we get to tackle difficult conversations all while dollying ourselves up.

What do you guys think about new Baby Dove? 


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