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Maternity photography: how to keep it classy

Maternity photographyDo preggy photo shoots make you cringe? Well, they don’t have to! In fact, there are really stunning maternity photography ideas online. Okay, okay, I’ll admit, while prepping for my maternity shoot, I found some that literally hurt my eyeballs. But it was a big help because I immediately knew what I wanted (and DIDN’T want) in my photos. Let’s call them the what’s hots and what’s nots of maternity photography, shall we? But hey, see for yourself:

Not hot: I knew that I wasn’t particularly fond of having my undies on display. I didn’t want over the top nakedness either. There are ways of showing off your bump, that does not include exposed nipple. I’m convinced. (Not sure what the tyre is doing in Pic 2 there. But yeah, that too.) Maternity photographyNot hot: I knew that I wanted to incorporate something that I really love into my shoot. Which is what guy with gun (Pic 1) is probably trying to demonstrate? With that said, I wanted it to look like I’m not a crazy person (reference to Pic 2). Also, yes, I had to deal with stretchmarks (don’t we all, Kim Kardashian?) but I wasn’t about to make it a permanent feature in my maternity photos. Maternity photography Not hot: I never fully understood why the dad has to be naked in maternity photos. Why dads? For the love of all that is good, WHY?! I wasn’t comfortable with having my hubstopher’s skin on display. He’s not pregnant, anyways. I am. So that settled it. Maternity photography

So with all of this in mind, this is what my maternity photo shoot ended up looking like:

Maternity photography

Maternity photographyMaternity photography

Maternity photography: How to prepare
1. Know what you want and what you don’t want! Get pics to show the photographer.
2. Get your hair did! Get your make up did! You need to feel beautiful and like the babe that you are!
3. Decide on whether you’d want specific props or things to feature – try to make the shoot uniquely you.
4. Take snacks and have a nap before the time!
5. Make sure your photographer has a heater in studio (weather dependent). It was quite chills on the day of our shoot and our photographers heater really helped.
6. Explain to Dad that you carry the cargo, so you are the main feature 🙂 Dads are usually very understanding about these kinda things. He must also decide on the full extent of his nakedness in these pics.
7. Find out by your photographer if she/he has a preggy/newborn package. Some photographers have really sweeet deals which includes your newborn photo shoot.
8. Try to remember that you’re still sexy and drop dead gorgeous. So you don’t have to have a cheesy “yeah, I’m a whale right now but that’s okay I’ll just smile” look on your face. Flirt with the camera. Try.
9. Most photographers understand that mommy can only sit in certain positions for a short period of time, before it becomes uncomfortable. Don’t be too timid to speak up if you’re not happy.
10. Have fun!


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