How my ToyToggle conquered a throwing toddler {Review}

ToyToggle So this child of mine has decided that she likes to throw stuff. I’m serious. Bottles, books, toys, bowls, shoes, my cellphone, nothing is spared. Toddler’s find cause-and-effect experimenting especially delightful hence the constant dropping and bouncing of items. But come on, it’s the 21st century, surely there is SOMETHING a modern mom like myself can do to prevent having to dig around under the bed every time her favorite sippy cup goes missing?! Where’s my batman utility belt when I need it?!

Enter: ToyToggle. When I first chatted to Lauren about her product I was immediately both impressed with the brilliant product she had designed and bummed that I didn’t think about it first. 🙂 In a nutshell, ToyToggle stops toys and bottles from constantly being dropped on the floor by securing it to objects such as baby’s highchair, car seat or pram. In our situation, we were able to use the ToyToggle’s flexi straps to secure Curly’s bottle to her crib so that it didn’t disappear once she was done with it. (How like a diva to simply chuck her bottle out of her crib when it’s empty! Must get that from her dad. *cough cough*)



With ToyToggle I could also secure her favorite toy to the crib and to her car chair which saved me time (for real!) and helped to keep it cleaner for longer. I tried the flexi silicone band around a couple of her bottles and sippy cups and it went on easy peasy and stayed on! I also found it totally rad that the colorful flexi straps were able to adjust to whatever width I needed. I could use the shorter straps to secure her toys to her baby bag when we went to church on Sunday morning and I could lengthen it to secure her bottle to her car seat and other objects.



I really liked that the straps are colorful and that there is a whole array of hues to choose from. You know I’m all about matching! In fact, I’ll probably end up ToyToggling my car keys to my handbag really soon! Batman who? I think I may just have uncovered a totally legit Parent Hack!

Check out the ToyToggle website and shop for really cool products and mom gift packs or drop them a mail, if you’d like more deets.

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