Tips to keep your kids safe from abduction

Human trafficking: Keep your kids safe from abduction

As I type this post, I am shook to my core. I mean, I am in no way an expert on human trafficking. But having just spent a good few minutes online, reading stories of child abduction, my world has suddenly become a lot more shakier. Human trafficking is on the rise in South Africa, yo, and woman and children are being targeted. Have you begun to educate your little one on what they should do if someone grabs them? Do you have a plan in place, to keep your kids safe from abduction? Are you also freaking out a little bit, on the inside? Allow me to reiterate: aaaack!

Okay, now that we’ve sufficiently settled down, friends, I need to tell you that we have to make sure that our small children know about the bad people who are trying to steal kids. Draw pictures, watch Youtube clips, act out scenarios, if you must! But this epidemic is something that is rife and we can’t ignore it any longer. I’ve read horror stories of attempted kidnappings in popular shopping malls – the children were literally right next to their parents, when it happened. I’ve watched video clips of a mom crying her heart out, as she talks about her little boy who is now missing for a whole month. I even did myself the disservice of watching clips, taken in rural parts of Asia, where a car simply stops in the middle of the street and someone jumps out, grabs a kid, and hops back into the car, never to be seen again. Yes, it has sufficiently freaked me out for the rest of my life.

We need to put a plan in place, that will help us to safe guard our children. This is what I found online:

A few safety tips for children:
1. When out in public, you guys, you HAVE to keep an eye on your children at all times. And not “across the road” kind of keeping an eye. Stay close to your little ones. Inspect your surroundings. Is anyone acting suspicious? Guys, we need to put our phones down (me, I’m looking at me, yes with my own eyes) and keep our attention on our little ones.
2. Teach your kids that its okay to be rude to an adult when they don’t feel safe. This includes shouting “NO!” and “STOP!” when they are feeling compromised. Heck, my child will punch you in the face if need be!
3. If your kid is a social butterfly, who may be comfortable talking to strangers, teach them that it is NOT OKAY to go anywhere with a stranger, without mommy or daddy’s direct permission. Children are generally very trusting and yes, they need to be taught this, you guys!
4. Have your child practice their scream, should they be in trouble. Have them take a deep breath and let out their loudest, deepest, most annoying “yelp”. Practice it at home.
5. Should your little one dissapear in a mall or public setting, begin shouting out their name and what they are wearing. Ask passersby to do the same and pass it on. At this point, everyone in the vicinity will know that the child is missing and what the child is wearing, thus drawing attention to the child and hopefully swaying the perpetrator.

I am looking into purchasing a GPS tracker for my little ones. I’ve even considered getting one of those kiddies leashes. Have you guys thought about ways to keep your children safe from abduction and human trafficking? Please share your thoughts, tips and ideas with me in the comments section below.

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  • Yacoob

    We’re paranoid about this – particularly my wife – so we pretty much keep eyes on the kids whenever we’re out. It only takes a few seconds for tragedy to strike. And the syndicates doing this are pretty well organised it seems.

  • Shaveh

    This has been by far my greatest fear. When the 2010 soccer World Cup was in SA, traffickers were offering nannies on the side of the road R50000 for the kids they were walking with to the park.
    I have been paranoid since my kids were born. They know that if they are not close to me or my husband they are in danger. It is the only fear I put into them. I have taught them to be aware of their surroundings.
    When we get out of the car-we don’t run off, it’s “hands on the car” and then hand in my hand. Even as older kids – they know that abductions happen. We are planning self defense classes so that they can protect themselves as much as they can.
    They aren’t allowed to scream unless they are hurt or in danger. So playful screaming isn’t allowed – I curb it and it’s helped them understand what screaming is for and we practice it.
    Sorry for the long comment – but it’s become really hectic in Cape Town so we have all had to learn quickly. I used to even teach them what to do in case we were hijacked and how to climb out of the car.
    We are now discussing what child abuse, protitution, what child slavery is and abuse in general. They’re 10 & 8.
    It’s helped them understand that not everyone has clean intentions and they’ve dissed people because I allow them to and it’s ok if they feel uncomfortable.
    SO sad that we have to think this way. But safe is better than sorry

  • Tamarah

    I ALWAYS have one eye on the kids when we’re not home. Our toddler has a leash that we love, because you’d have to cut two lines to cut it and it’s thick material. A physically hold my kids when we’re in malls.
    I’ve also heard of cases where the abductors have said “She/he is tired and acting up, it’ll be fine once we’re home” So we’re working on her also screaming “NOT AN AUTHORISED ADULT!!!!” Which probably wouldn’t make tons of difference, but maybe a little.

  • Megan Keith

    This is so scary! A few weeks ago we were out on a Sunday morning at our local flea market. I was holding my 3-year-olds hand quite tightly, and an old man came up and tried to pick him up, saying “Oh I just love children and want to say hello.” I said no, quite firmly, but he kept coming and trying to pick up my son. It literally took my husband coming and stepping between this man and our son for this man to stop. It was horrendous! I shudder to think what could have happened had I not had such a tight grip on his little hand! Since then, I’ve become even more vigilant with him when we are out anywhere. Thanks for these tips – definitely going to use them! Megan xx

  • Alet

    Thrilled to see other bloggers on board to create awareness and educate the general population! It is time to take hand and work towards a solution – together.

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