Book review: Bridge to Haven – Francine Rivers (GIVEAWAY!)

I'm a Francine Rivers fiend! I love her writing style and her story telling ability, but more than that, I love that her stories are Bible based. You're able to relate with the lesson in the plot, while totally being swept away by the picture she paints with words as you get to know the characters as if they are your own best friends. Meg from By Megan Kelly and I have collaborated with Cum Books to give the gift of Francine to 2 of you! Follow our Francine Rivers' book reviews, over the next month, and stand a chance to score a super cool Francine Rivers hamper!

The thing that I love the most about Francine River’s writing style is that she is able to draw you into a story, hit you with enough emotion to weaken those walls that you put up on the daily and then, when you’re completely invested in the narrative, you’re served a huge dose of reality check as you find yourself relating with some of what the character is going through.

Such was the case when I found myself deeply engrossed in one of her heart wrenching novels, Bridge to Haven.

Set in the 1950’s, the story is centered around young Lena Scott – a Hollywood sweetheart and one of the biggest stars to hit the silver screen. But Lena’s story starts a lot differently than most know. Lena, whose real name is Abra, was found abandoned underneath a bridge when she was a few minutes old.

This spirit of orphan – a deep rooted sense of abandonment – trickles into every area of her life, ultimately affecting every single decision she makes. Sound familiar? Well, it did to me. I could relate with Lena on so many levels. My story is different to hers but I know all about that spirit of abandonment and rejection and how it can control (and ruin) your life.

Anyways, Lena believes that she was never wanted, even though she was adopted by a kind Christian family and is pretty much loved and doted on by all the people in her family’s circle. She ends up believing the lies in her head and rejects her closest friends and adoptive parents.

Hopping into bed with one wrong guy after the other, Lena finds herself looking for love in all the wrong places. I could relate on some level – not that I ended up in many beds – but I remember jumping from one terrible relationship to another… looking for love and acceptance, I guess, and not finding it where I expected it to be. But, like Lena, I discovered unconditional love from the most unlikely source.

This story is filled with lessons about grace, temptation, wisdom and that unconditional love that breaks chains and has the ability to change lives at the blink of an eye.

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