Scribbled nails with Essence

Scribbled nailsSo this past week was a crazy one because Hubstopher was sick, and you know how it goes when the man of the house does not feel well. Let’s just say, I pretty much did not speak to him for like, 5 days, because he was too weak to utter a sentence. Anyways, things are back to normal (the Lord only gives you what you can handle and all that) and I could finally remove the polish from my nails on Sunday night after staring at the horrible chipped mess that it was, for far too long. I hate when my nails look unkept. Anyways, I spotted really cool nail art on Juanita and Michelles blogs last week and thought I have to try it out! They’ve dubbed it “scribbled nails” and it pretty much means that the design gives the impression of doodling.


I got my hands on 2 really pretty Essence the gel nail polishes on Monday and I couldn’t wait to try them out! The first is a really pretty pink, 35 Engaged, which has a lovely satin finish. The second is my absolute fav at the moment and is such a legit Winter color – 53 Rock My World.

For the nail art, I applied my Essence gel look base coat and then 2 coats of Engaged. I then grabbed a plastic baggie and painted a square of Rock My World! on it (big enough to fit on a nail). I waited a couple of seconds for the patch to thicken a bit, and used my dotting tool to create a sort of a scribble pattern on it. Once dry, I painted a coat or 2 of my Essence gel look clear top coat over it. When it’s set and dry, simply peel the design from the plastic bag, like a sticker! Apply the “sticker” to your nail, in which ever position you see fit and smoothen out with your finger, until you’re happy. I topped it with another layer of gel look top coat and ta-daaaaa!


Truth be told, I don’t know why the heck it looks like a Zebra pattern. But oh well. Let’s embrace it.

Also go check out Juanita and Michelles designs – they are way more expert than I am!

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