Mom vs Dad: Who works harder?

Mom vs Dad: Who works harder?Mom vs Dad: Who works harder? Okay, so, I know that it’s a pretty general question. I’m sure that there are a bunch of different responses that can come from it, since each person’s situation is unique. And the truth is I wouldn’t even be thinking these thoughts if I hadn’t just had the day that I’ve…uhh… just had. 

We’ve been up since 4am this morning with our Curly. She was running quite a temperature and was very niggly. She ended up falling asleep, in our bed, on my chest, and I left her there for comfortsakes (mine and hers) until she suddenly sat up and projectile vomited all over me (I was laying down, so consider the effect to be much like a waterfall, down my neck and into my hair… which was not tied up, btw). We had to jump up (4:30) to change bedding, change clothing, mop up vomit… you can picture the scene. This is one of the many reasons why I need that steam cleaner in my life! Steam mops are a total lifesaver when you’re trying to mop bodily fluids from the floor (and in this case upholstery, bed, clothing…)

Anyways, I digress, a few hours later, Hubstopher was up for work, and I decided to stay at home with Curly. The day passed in a blur… doctors visit, trying to get this temperature to behave, washed bedding and clothes, attempted to wash my hair as quick as I can (if you could even call it that). Then her tummy started acting up too, so I’ve had to wash pillows and clean messes up from the floor (spillage)… it’s been fun and games guys… fun and games. And as it nears 5pm I am filled with thoughts of: “but wait, your dad will be home soon!” I mean, hello, it IS his turn after all… right? Lucky ol’ him got to spend the whole day at work, while I stayed at home to soothe, clean up and give medicine.

I mean, I pretty much feel like a straight up super hero right about now. I worked SO hard today! I worked harder than he did! I’m sure of it! But just typing out that sentence feels wrong because I know that he has a pretty demanding job that requires him to be “on” all the time, since he deals with clients whole day. He usually gets home exhausted and I am sure today will be none the different (even more so since he barely had sleep last night). So, with that said, who is more deserving of a break right now? (Say me! Please say me!)

I guess this is where compromise comes in. It’s a little give, a little take and a whole lot of “but how can I help you?” action that needs to be going on. Consideration makes the world go round and the home a happy place……. Must remember that when I’m cleaning the puke out of my hair later.

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