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Just so you know, this is why I blog

this is why i blogA few weeks ago I had coffee with a couple of bloggers at a local eatery. We chatted, very animatedly, about blogging and the blog industry. In mid convo I spotted two young ladies, sitting close by, mocking us openly.  “Oooh she bloooogs!” I heard them jeer, judging us from a distance. It kinda pushed me over my chill limit. I mean, it’s not the first time that I hear a bunch of snotty comments being thrown at bloggers and social media influencers. But this time it was right there, all up in my grill, and it made me want to reconsider why I blog. Heck, why do it? What does this “blogging thing” even mean?

People seem to be under the misconception that we are just out here trying to be “famous” (an uneducated person actually said that I’m a wannabe famous person). I guess the assumption is that we enjoy talking about ourselves and our passions. And you know what, that IS the absolute truth! Blogging is a great form of expression. But having a blog has become so much more than maintaining an online diary. I mean, if you think that we simply talk about how cool we think we are, then you’re probably not as enlightened as you’d like to imagine. No offense. #sorrynotsorry

There’s a blog for just about everything. Want to learn something techy, there’s a blog for that. Want parenting advice? Travel guides? Want to learn how to make your cat feel loved and appreciated? There’s a blog for that. Ever Google “how to make angel wings out of a wire hanger”? You probably ended up clicking on a blog link. Our pleasure. But why do we spend hours editing pics to perfection, typing out well-worded articles and making sure it gets shared to social media? this is why i blog

Hey, you do it too when you update your Facebook status with a rant or a recommendation. It’s just that mine is a little bit longer and more effort. Typing up a part of my heart message is my way of sharing things that I’ve learnt with other women going through the same thing. My parenting fail could show another mum that she’s not the only one struggling. And publishing a victory post might inspire someone, near giving up, to hold on just a little bit longer. I know of a brave mommy blogger who used her platform to share about the loss of a child. No one asked her to be so transparent it hurt. But those who were dealing with the same situation were thankful that she did.

Blogging has also evolved into a business. And, well, considering all the time and effort we put into logo design, sourcing images, building up and maintaining our sites (and the beat goes on) …paid campaigns are definitely most welcome! (I have a lot of children, remember?) Product reviews are interesting (hello free stuff! right?) but sometimes it gets pretty tedious to write. So yes, a lot of work goes into your average blog post. But, for the sake of our valued readers, we WANT to share what’s hot and happening with you. We WANT to give you our honest opinion on how the thing works (if it works), before you trek all the way to the shops for nothing. We value our audience and WANT to provide content that is NEEDED. It’s more than just a building up of egos. And it’s definitely more than just wanting to be famous. It’s a service.

So that’s why i blog. And, in a nutshell, I’ve decided that I’m okay with being a blogger. And, well, if you still aren’t okay with bloggers, then try Googling: “I don’t know why I feel the way I do”. Maybe someone wrote a blog post about it.


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