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Want to meet some of my fave South African mommy bloggers?

mommy bloggerIn case you’ve missed the news, I am in fact a mommy blogger. “Argh, what does this even mean for your social life?!” I hear the masses cry in shock and horror. Calm down people, it’s not as bad as it looks. Being a mommy blogger is actually a really great way to meet… well… other south african mommy bloggers. And pretty soon these “on screen friendships” develop into pretty deep real life relationships and before you know it, you’re able to have an emotional conversation, via Whatsapp, at midnight with someone sitting on the other side of the country, who totally gets you.

Why am I telling you this? Well, because I do believe that our local mommy bloggers are gosh darn amazing! They have a lot to say (and that’s where the blog comes in) and they are all so eager to give their readers the BEST content.

south african mommy bloggersBesides for the interesting product reviews and awesome giveaways, one of my favorite thing about mommy bloggers is that they share real life stories. I appreciate that they are brave enough to overshare with their readers. Parenting is tough, yo! I mean, sure it’s all unicorns and rainbows and fluffy clouds… until the glittery poop hits the fan. Which is why, if you’re feeling particularly loony toons, it’s so great to be able to read someone else’s personal testimony and be like “yeah! me too!”

It’s with this in mind that I thought to feature a couple of my favorite South African mommy bloggers on my blog every week. I think that these ladies are pretty rad, Brad! And I want you to meet ’em! My Meet The Mommy Blogger series commences tomorrow and will run every Friday, over the next couple of weeks. If you happen to check them out, do me a solid and visit my mommy blogger friends websites and show them some love! They’d love to hear from you.

Clip note: Pic above was borrowed from Venean Bosch of In The Meantime (bottom left), to her right is Eleanor Douglas-Meyers of Just Ella Bella, Mandy Miller of Pregnant in Cape Town (bottom) and Tracey Grammar of The Milk Memoirs. On top is Cindy Alfino of 3 Kids 2 Dogs and 1 Old House and then lil old me. 


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