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Wait a minute, I’m STILL pregnant?!

headerIt’s been a crazy past few days of #ECMeetUp planning and being pregnant all at the same time. I’m not sure how my spreadsheet brain calculated it, but I was under the impression that I would be way earlier in my pregnancy, at the meet up. Turns out I am two weeks away from my due date – and it feels like it! To be honest, I actually can’t believe that I’m still pregnant. I really thought that this kid would make his grand appearance like a month early. For the most part, I feel great (if ‘great’ means feeling as if you’re carting around a 5kg bag of sugar under your top) and my baby Jo is happily swimming away.

He’s huge though, and I don’t say this to be quirky. Like, he’s so big, that when he moves it literally hurts. That’s never happened to me before… who is this kid, evens?! My last visit to my doc left us a little bit concerned because she remarked on how big he is and the fact that he was still in breach position. This means he might not have enough room to rotate, so there is a possibility that I might have a C-Sec… my first one ever! But we know that all things work together for our good, and that the right thing will happen – whether that be natural birth or C-Sec. Whatevs. We’re just excited to meet our little man already! But like, not today… or tomorrow… please? Need to get this meet up behind me first! Curly2

I’ve been feeling uber emotional about the fact that my curly girl will soon be a big sister. She’s my baby! I can’t imagine having to share that attention with another little person. I am grateful, though, that we actually get to experience life with two little people in our home. Our boys were older when we got married – not so much “little people” anymore. Now we get to experience the real deal and I know it’s going to be hectic but I am excited about it! (Just remind me how excited I was when they are wrecking havoc in my living room) WhatsApp Image 2017-05-12 at 9.18.54 AM

So for now I’m just going with my body… taking a break when I need one (which is like, always) and just leaning into the pains (braxton hicks that feel like World War III in my belly). Being pregnant is a beautiful experience, yo! And this will be the very last time that I get to experience the joy of childbirth! Soon it will all be a sweet memory. I want to savour every single moment, every single baby shower (see my “Jonah and the Whale shower pic on top – I cried!) and every single “can I rub your belly?” (Yep, I’m one of those people who are okay with you touching my tummy… Whaaaat?)

BTW, some of you have asked and NO, I am not a model. But I knew that being a “pregnant model” was on my bucket list. Why? Well, you feel super beautiful when you’re pregnant (well, I do anyways) AND you don’t have to hide your lumps and bumps… so why not take advantage of that. Just so thankful to all the fabulous maternity brands who thought that I would make a good preggy modelModel

So that’s all from me, for now. Who knows, the next time we chat I could be doing so with baby in arm. I do plan to run a super sweet #ECMeetUp giveaway on Monday though. So keep an eye out for that update. And keep fingers crossed for tomorrow! Hope all goes as planned!


  • mommabearTrax

    Hahah…yes, I remember thats how I felt at 16 weeks…like I was pregnant for like 18 months already.
    But well done on getting the meetup sorted all while preggers. Nice one!

    As for such thing as a baby too big for mommas body. (Lest you have gestational diabetes) Little man will turn if he feels like it. Just ensure your posture is good (no slouching and sitting for too long) Also spinning babies is an excellent resource for helping baby turn. Also, its so normal for baby to be breech. Some babies stay breech right up until labour. (Few doctors realise this, as they get too nervous to even wait for it.) So dont let your doctor lead you down the path out of fear.

    Otherwise, all the best mama! Cannot wait to see pix of precious baby Jo and reading your birth story. Xxx

  • Karin

    My second pregnancy went well into the 9th month before doctors induced.
    I felt like a balloon about to pop. Nothing was comfortable, I was irritable. Everyone worked my last nerve.
    I wish you well in your home stretch.

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