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Stikbot unlocks your kids movie making skills!

stikbotIt takes a lot to impress my teenage son. I mean, everything is “boring” now a days, well according to him anyways. So I was quite chuffed to see his excitement when he learnt about Prima Toy’s newest sensation: #Stikbot!

Stikbot is the world’s first social media sharing toy. By using the Stikbot figurines, you are able to bring your imagination to life, by creating stop motion videos. And this, dear readers, is what my kid is so pumped up about. He loves creating mini movies with his cellphone and fancies himself quite the film maker!stikbot

I received a Stikbot pack consisting of 2 colorful figurines and a mini tripod for my cellphone. The actual Stikbot is a plastic, jointed figurine, with suction cups on it’s hands and feet, making it easy for you to position. Using the free Android or iOS Stikbot app, you are then able to pose your Stikbot, snap a picture, make a slight movement in line with your story, snap another picture, until you are able to piece together your stop motion movie.

It’s pretty addictive for parents and kids alike (cough, well that’s what my friend said) (the friend is me) and I am so keen to see our boys get inventive with this neat toy. Because of the need of a phone app and the incentive to share your videos via social media, this is the perfect Christmas gift if you’re a mom/dad of a teen. There is actually quite a huge Stikbot following already! Check out #StikBotZA and its social media account @StikBot_ZA to see what other stikbotters are getting up to!stikbot

While you’re doing that, how about entering our Christmas Crazy giveaway, in conjunction with Prima Toys and Stikbot! That’s right, you stand a chance to win your very own Stikbot set – you lucky fish you! Follow the rafflecopter prompts below to enter and don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled to my Facebook page on Monday, 12th December to see if you’re a winner!

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