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Spending more time with my teenager

Spending more time with my teenagerIt’s no secret: I am ill-equipped when it comes to understanding “teenager”. My son and I seem to be on opposite sides of the mental highway lately and it kinda sucks sometimes. Well, okay, most times. He is spending the holiday with his dad in Cape Town and as much as it pains me to be away from any of my kids, I also welcome the much needed break from having to deal with having a growing adolescent at home. But, to be honest, the break has also made me realize that I need to be spending more time with my teenager. And I’m guessing that making him clean the kitchen with me does not qualify as “spending quality time together”. Bummer. Back to the drawing board. Here are a few things I came up with instead:

Doing something he likes to do
I’ve given this a lot of thought and I figured that doing stuff that he enjoys doing would be a great way to connect with my teen. Things like learning to play one of his XBox games, going with him to watch a soccer match or to the movies to see one of his faves, would be a really easy way to do that. I’m sure that showing interest in things that he finds interesting will make him feel supported and hey, maybe even understood. (Fingers crossed)

Introducing him to something that I like to do
There are a bunch of things that I am into, that could be of interest to him too. If not, oh well, let’s try again tomorrow! Things like geocaching (love it!), going to explore the monuments in our city or even staying home to Netflix/Youtube and chill. I guess the secret is to not overwhelm or force him to like the same things that I do. But I am sure that there will be ample opportunity to bond should he (surprise surprise) enjoy watching America’s Next Top Model as much as I do. Not holding my breath though.

Ultra fisher - fishing with your teenLearn to do something new together
Okay, guys, I’ve been giving this some thought and I figured that learning to do something new together would be a great way for my teen and I to bond. Taking up a new hobby – like fishing, perhaps – could be the answer to reconnecting with your teenager. In fact, fishing is not that difficult. Well, that’s what I read over on Ultra Fisher. Here are a few tips for beginners, from the website:

Find a fishing buddy and/or a mentor
Besides for finding the right person to spend all that time with (fishing is a thing of patience, yo) we would also need to find a mentor or fishing pro, to show us the ropes.

Practice your set up
According to Ultra Fisher, you need to set up your gear every time you go fishing. It would be ideal to practice your rig set up at home. Again, something we could do together.

Practice casting and line control
Casting your line and learning to control it are probably some of the more important skills to learn about fishing. We would need to make sure we get it right, by practicing this at home, in an open area.

Spend as much time fishing as possible
Well, this goes without saying. Practice makes perfect. And although we’re not looking to be pro-fishermen, I am sure that the more time we spend doing it, the better we’ll get at it AND the more opportunity for us to bond.

Getting use to the feel of fish
Chances are, if we’re out there trying to catch fish, we’ll probably end up having to touch said fish! Learning how to handle fish (especially a live one) is probably a good idea.

So what do you think, friends? What are some of the things you would do, to bond with your teenager?

This post and its fishing content was sponsored by Ultra Fisher, but the rest of the content and the very real desire to spend more time with my teenager is entirely my own. I promise.

Why I don’t pay pocket money for chores

Why I don't pay pocket money for choresIt’s tempting to ‘motivate’ children to do their chores with a little financial incentive. I mean, who’s really winning when you get to pay them just R5 to pack and unpack the dishwasher? But, there is a danger in this and it didn’t take us long to decide, as a family, that chores get done for free. (more…)

Honest mothering: being a mother sucks

being a mother sucksBeing a mother sucks. What? You don’t agree? Wait, maybe I wasn’t being clear: You know all the amazing parts of being someones mom? Stuff like hearing them call you “mama” for the first time and being able to snuggle up next to them as you read ‘Good night, Mouse’ for the umpteenth time? Well, those things seem extremely over-rated when you’re exhausted after having to change your bedding (thanks to a massive squirt of newborn poop) and then have to referee an argument between a 2-year old and a 15-year old about who gets to sit on the “big couch”. Oh, hi there, excuse me where are my manners. My name is Luchae Williams and I am the proud owner mother of one newborn, one toddler, step-mom to one primary schooler and mom to one extremely opinionated highschooler. Mental status: Currently losing my mind. (more…)

Sneaker LAB Premium Shoe Care Kit: review and giveaway!

Sneaker LAB
When you have a gazillion children, like I do (please, love my drama, don’t hate on it) you’re always eager to find quicker and easier ways of doing things. One such thing has been the saving grace of Sneaker LAB – an innovative premium shoe care product that is helping me keep my teen (and tots) sneakers looking fresher for longer. Yes, it’s possible! Let me show you how (and give you a shoe care kit to try out for yourself!) (more…)

Help! My kid wants to date!

My kid wants to dateThe other day, in mid-‘living my life’, my teen mentioned the word DATING to me. Gasp! My kid wants to date! Whaa?! I tried not to give him a look that said “boy, are you out of your mind?!” Because the kid is 15 years old and yes, it would make sense that he likes girls. But dating?! Is he ready for the commitment? Would it affect his school work? And what does he expect to GET out of it? I didn’t want to scare him away, so I excused myself and took a moment to throw a silent, non-violent, facial-expressionless #momfit. It got me thinking, what are OTHER moms doing when the ‘dating’ word comes up? Moms, do you have a plan in place for when your little one wants to start dating?  Moms of older kids – lend us your wisdom – what did you do when your teen took an interest in dating? Well, here’s how my situation went down: (more…)

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