So, what’s up with Easter?

Oh look it’s almost public holiday time again! (And the crowd goes wild) What’s this one about? National Siblings Day? Braai Day? Edgars Red Hanger Sale Day? Okay, I digress much… let’s start at the top: This coming weekend we celebrate… Continue Reading

The highschool blues – When mom needs to grow up!

Well, it’s week 2 (or is it 3?) post ‘back to school’ and it has been rather weird for me. I think I’m sitting with a mild case of highschool blues. Kyle started grade 9 this year (I am told this means… Continue Reading

So there’s a biter in my toddlers class

Curly’s teacher calls me aside yesterday afternoon and I’m thinking “uh oh, what did I do.” I know, right? It turns out there’s a biter in Curly’s class. The biter got into my kid TWICE, on the arm, 2 days in… Continue Reading

Planning a weekend away without your toddler

Hubstopher and I are prepping for a weekend away in a few weeks time. His best friend is getting married out of town and hubby will be best man, so this wedding is a big deal to him. It’s also… Continue Reading

What’s in your mouth

Photo: I’ve been so aware of negative words for the past few months, that I found myself gravitating away from sources who only spewed negative talk. It made me ask myself: “What’s in your mouth?” Actually, I think this… Continue Reading

The first day of school. Everyday.

  My curly’s first day of school came and went and oh look, I feel like I’m still living it over and over and over. But that’s because it’s been a week and there are still tears every morning. I… Continue Reading

Tea time with my toddler is a Koppie Boeretroos! {Review}

Last week was back to reality for many of us but thanks to Elizna from Koppie Boeretroos the feeling of meh was greatly decreased when I received a bee-oo-ti-ful package in the mail!

Nail art stencils – An easy way to look as if you’re very clever {NailLinkUp}

How random is my post title? Well that’s how I feel this morning. Random. But anyways, I’m here to talk about nails. Actually, nail art stencils, to be more specific.

Okay 2016… now what?

I’m in a weird space lately. I mean, I love new beginnings. I love the beginning of a new week or a new month and I’ve always loved the start of a new year. Why? Because these “beginnings” symbolise a… Continue Reading


Today’s nails are the final prompt of the Nail Link Up SA challenge. This weeks theme is aptly named New Years Eve and I was going to go with glitterati galore but I thought “nah”. Literally. That’s all I thought.… Continue Reading