No shame in hand me downs

We are fortunate (it’s a weird thing to feel fortunate about) that we share our 2 older sons with their other parents. Together with these “other parents”, we are able to get school fees paid, clothes purchased and other basic… Continue Reading

Stikbot unlocks your kids movie making skills!

It takes a lot to impress my teenage son. I mean, everything is “boring” now a days, well according to him anyways. So I was quite chuffed to see his excitement when he learnt about Prima Toy’s newest sensation: #Stikbot!… Continue Reading

Things to do in Port Elizabeth (with your toddler) this Summer!

Christmas and the school holidays are just around the corner and boy am I excited! Our girl is 2 years old this year and we are finally able to explore PE and have some toddler fun with her! Fun with… Continue Reading

Ever had to deal with that baby mama drama?

So Kyle’s on holiday in Cape Town and while I miss him a lot (and the tea he makes), I’m always so happy when he gets to spend time with his dad, stepmum and the rest of his ‘other’ family.… Continue Reading

Con.ect geek fest: How to be the coolest parent in the world {Giveaway}

Sometimes I wonder if our kids would trade me in for a cooler version, if they could. I mean, I’m not exactly the coolest parent. Granted, the older ones are boys and they would much rather talk Fifa and Naruto with… Continue Reading

Fried chicken and egg fried rice so easy my teen made it!

In a strange turn of events my game-head teenage son has decided that he wants to be a chef. Mama’s not complaining. I am ecstatic that the kid’s found something to throw his passion and ambition into. The other night… Continue Reading

My friend, the car guard

Last week I did a big clothing purge and ended up throwing out a whole bunch of Curly’s small clothes. Yep, it’s official, my kids grow faster than the speed of light. We ended up with 2 bags of toddler… Continue Reading

Preparing your son for his future wife

Have you ever considered the fact that you need to be preparing your son for his future wife? Well, firstly, brain explosion: I’m going to be someone’s mom-in-law one day! Shame Hahaha. But no really, I think I’d be a… Continue Reading

10 perks of having kids at a young age

As I’ve shared before, I’m a teen pregnancy statistic. I gave birth to my boy when I was 19 years old and with it came the sudden progression from young girl to young mother. In fact, I still consider myself… Continue Reading

My week in pics: micro fashion, bridesmaid dresses and nail art

This week feels like someone literally took a drive down to a garbage dump, chose a few items, wrapped it up and wrote “Luchae’s week” on it. But then I check out my week in pics and realize that I am… Continue Reading