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I get why it’s illegal for parents to spank their kids

It is the year 2017. A time where we keep our front doors locked, in the peak of summer. A time where it makes perfect sense to jump a red robot at 2am, because you never know who might rock up at your window. A time where we’re afraid to eat the chicken in case it has flu. And a time where it has become illegal for parents to spank their children.

Oh the shock! The horror! The outrage! We should be allowed to spank our kids! I hear you say. You’re right. I mean, why ban corporal punishment in the home? What does this even mean?!

Well, no, it does NOT mean that the Johannesburg High Court has decided to “keep up with the Kardashians” and is now feeling as if corporal punishment is like, soooo, not on trend at the moment. In case you didn’t know, the term “corporal punishment” basically refers to any punishment which uses physical force to bring about pain or discomfort. And alas, the percentage of parents who have severely injured their kids, under the guise of ‘giving a good spanking’ are just too high. Their lack of anger management means that the high court has to step in, in order to protect our kiddos.

So, as much as I agree that it sucks. (I mean, have you read my “angry mom” post? I like, SO, want to be able to give my kids a spanking without being charged for assault.) But let me remind you about the gross injustice so many of our young South Africans face, on a daily basis, at the hands of family members and parents who are suppose to care for them, and not hurt them.

This affects all of us and the way we raise our children. I mean, let’s be honest, a large percentage of us South African parents know when to draw the line between punishment and assault, when it comes to giving our kids a spanking. But unfortunately, the High Court has to stick up for the kids of the parents who kinda don’t.

So that’s where we are at, South Africa. Our children deserve better.

What are your thoughts on the new law? 


  • Shaveh

    I do understand why, just like you’ve written – but it is really hard to have it as a law, because I was raised where it was done really healthily and with love. It’s been a great tool with my little troop, but it’s hard now to adjust because it’s the wrestle between government law and Godly instruction. Now to do massive research on how the “first world” have been doing it all of these years. #parentingishardenough

  • Leanie

    I know thattheir are parents that don’t deserve to have children i know this for a fact. Seen it with my own eyes, but that the goverment want to tell you as a parents it’s wrong!? So what kind of punishment would you use when you have tried everything and nothing works? I have been in the teaching profession and let me tell you it’s not easy to have a class of 50 kids.
    I had kids in my class that are doing things just to get noticed, because they don’t get the attention at home, since i know some mothers just have a child as a status / symbol item. Yes, you have read that correctly, so that they dont feel out with there peers at work etc. Believe me this world are going crazy. Kids should listen to there parents and not vice versa. First the Goverment have taken spanking out of the classroom and now also out of the home. The Goverment wants to rule your life. I will rather live my life according to God than the Goverment on serious issues.

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