Our amazing oyster farm boat cruise with Experience Days and Stampede Cruises!

Oyster farm boat cruise

Visiting the eastern part of South Africa any time soon? Well, firstly, give yourself a round of applause. You’ve chosen to enjoy one of the most beautiful (and historically rich) parts of the country and clearly have good taste. Well… Continue Reading

Five reasons why I’m moving to Windhoek!

Rain coats, congested traffic, car insurance and overcrowding – these are some of the things you needn’t worry about if you decide to ditch the hustle of your typical suburban SA living for that of the slow-paced goodness of Namibia’s… Continue Reading

#ECMeetUp: We came, we saw, we ate mini cupcakes

Our 2nd #ECMeetUp for 2016 (lovingly referred to as “the mini meet”) took place this past Saturday at The Athenaeum. We called it a mini meet because we weren’t up to pulling off another massive meet, with all the frills… Continue Reading

So, I saw Mariah Carey…

In case you didn’t know, I am an avid music lover. I sing. I write songs. I write songs about singing. I’m really into it. I serve on my church’s worship team and assist with directing the choir – needless… Continue Reading


Can we all just take a chill pill? Well, atleast, just for a couple of seconds while  I try to fix my hair. I don’t know it just seems as if everyone’s so on edge lately; standing on guard, fists… Continue Reading